Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Fitness Mode On: Hooping Fun!

I have been spinning poi for 30-45 minutes thrice a week at a minimum. If I could go at it every night, I would. Anyhow, I do feel that the physical activity has been helping me with my weight loss because I end up burning the calories I ate during the day and consistent physical activity just makes me feel better in general.  Plus I actually learned a new poi move. :D

Poi isn't enough for me though. Even if I do try to incorporate other movements with my legs (by turning, doing some awkward dance-like movements), it's my arms that mainly get the workout.  So when I lost my first 10 pounds, instead of getting rewarded with a massage, I got a hoop as a reward instead and I don't regret it at all!

Me and my hoop!  I ended up tying the loose pants/half pants thingy because it was hot and well, the hoop slipped too much hahaha. Barefoot hooping at Venice Piazza.
Get your own hoop via Planet Zips. Hoops by Hoopaholic Cebu.
Image Credit: Peppy Salita.

Why the hoop?

I've never been good with the hula hoop as a child. 1-3 spins on my waist and that was it. So what made me think that it's going to be better now that I am an adult? It's because I have been reading about fitness and hooping seems to improve one's core strength.  Would you believe that I sweat more when I hoop?  And that I actually end up moving my entire body when I hoop.

I attended Planet Zips' hoop workshop yesterday and I love the fact that Sweet said that we shouldn't be afraid to flail or look awkward. That hooping celebrates the awkward. The sillier you are, the more creative you can get. She taught me how to turn while inside my hoop as well as turn in a different direction while my hoop spins in another. She also taught me off body hooping which really is a lot of work on the arms. And probably my back, especially when I pass the hoop from my front to the back and over and over again.

Hooping on the waist and hip area now make me feel more aware of my posture, because Sweet pointed out to me that the reason my hoop falls when I turn is because of my posture.  I should stop thinking to hard about my hoop lessons and be more aware of my body, no?  Even for poi, I think that also applies.   Maybe the reason I learn a little slowly is because of that.  But at least I now have physical activity and actually have fun. It might not be the conventional way of doing things but I like it and I could do it consistently. After all, I don't really want to feel stressed about losing weight.  Some folks lose 10 pounds in a month. Good for them, I guess. Maybe I feel a bit envious but I really don't know if at this point I could go to the gym and lift weights because I get really bored.  Someday maybe I'd do that.  For now, lemme have fun with my hoop and see what happens next. ;)

PS: If you're in Manila and are interested to learn poi or hooping, don't hesitate to check out Planet Zips. And if you're based in Cebu, there's Hoopaholic Cebu.  The people are friendly so say hi~!

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