Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Fitness Mode On: Posting About What I Eat

Hi everyone~!  This post is inspired by the lovely Gellie. :)

I know I am supposed to post a review but let me just share my first five months of trying to get fit and eat better.  Last December, my doctor told me that I needed to lose at least 20 pounds so I could become healthier.  Then Christmas break happened and I gained 10 more pounds. Wtf. I had to lose a minimum of 10 more. ~_~ When 2012 started, I already had a talk with my boyfriend that when we're going out to eat, he should really stop me when he notices I am eating more.  And that I should eat probably half of what I normally eat to begin with.

Changing my eating pattern wasn't easy at all.  At the office, everyone loves food. Surrounded by everyone, it felt even more difficult.  But what helped me more was the fact that one of my teammates was eating healthier.  With that, I started eating more vegetables and less rice, less sweets. He's a good influence. XD  He talks me about articles he has been reading, his workout plan, etc. And aside from that, my other friend keeps reminding me to eat breakfast -- breakfast with protein, not just carbs.  Oh and he did remind me that I should have a cheat day, the time I could eat anything and everything I want (but still in moderation).

Right now, I eat only half or even just 1/3 of what I used to eat. When I catch myself eating more pizza, I share with my boyfriend or one of my friends.

Meals are usually like this:
Breakfast: 1/2 or 1/3 cup of rice, a fried egg, sardines/tapa/meatloaf/etc.
Lunch: salad (or kimchi or other vegetable dish) + fish/chicken/other meat + banana/other fruits OR sandwich + fruit
Dinner: sandwich + fruit OR veggies (sometimes 1/3 cup of rice)  + fish/chicken/other meat

I still eat snacks. I do eat icecream from time to time.  I still eat potatoes but not as much. And I actually don't eat a lot of 'diet' food.  Right now, I haven't been strictly measuring everything I eat. I try to get a feel of what I need and what I don't really need.  There are times when I crave sweets so I still eat them when I do, it's just a small portion. Enough to give me energy and not make me crave more.

Sorry I don't really have before and after pictures. But I have gone from 196lbs to 183lbs from January to today.  I had a very bad feeling about what I weighed in January. Maybe I will take a picture of myself one of these days and let's see what happens in the next number of months as I plan to keep on working at it.

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