Miyerkules, Hulyo 11, 2012

Happy in Pink! (a.k.a. my new Firmoo eyeglasses post)

Thanks to dear Thiamere and Firmoo for an awesome giveaway for four-eyed people like. XD Not literally four-eyed, but you know what I mean. Bespectacled.

I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was in high school. The specs of my glasses have changed over the years. Sometimes my eyes have astigmatism. Then they get corrected, then I fall back into my nasty habits: reading in a moving vehicle, not resting my eyes, etc.

Thankfully, despite my computer-based work, my eyes seem to have improved. Still nearsighted, but not as bad as before.  I just have to remember to NOT forget my glasses at home when I am in a rush and my room is a mess.

Then again, I have no more excuses! Having a new set from Firmoo, I could keep one in my bag all the time. No excuse such as "Oh I couldn't find my glasses at home."

Pretty in pink, but the website says this model is peach.  I love these plastic frames.  They're bigger than the ones I find locally.  My face is wide so I need wider frames which I find difficult to buy here.

What I love about these glasses:

  • The style. Geeky, and yet cute at the same time.
  • Comfort. Even if I wear it the entire day, it doesn't hurt.  I guess it's because the fit is just right.
  • The packaging. When they sent it to me, they included a small screwdriver kit. For those emergencies like a screw is lose, etc. Useful for any of your glasses~!
I think that Firmoo's frames are great! And for people like me with rather large frame needs, I think that they have enough styles to choose from. And some are quite cheap. Frames start at $8 so you could actually compare it with locally available ones.

When I got it, I just had to take a picture right away. I was wearing a pink jacket so it was practically pink overload hahaha.

I don't regret this choice of frames one bit. Absolutely loving it! Thanks again, Thiamere and Firmoo! ^_^

Linggo, Hunyo 17, 2012

Late post: Summer haul!

I never got to post pictures of these babies until today. Sorry! But here ya go:

Top to bottom: Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, Wet n Wild Megalast in Mauve Outta Here, Wet n Wild Silky Finish in Sunset Peach

Lippies galore! Got these from Dianna's online shop. The last one was a freebie. :D  Got really curious about the lip butters so I just had to get one. So far, I think it's ok, but I wouldn't pay that much for a tinted lip balm, I guess. I prefer the texture of Human Nature's tinted lip balm.   As for the Wet n Wild lippies, I like the colors of these two lippies. But the mauve one is a bit stronger than my usual color preference so I don't get to use it as much.  On my 'daring' days, I go for that. :D

Top Row: Etude House cotton swabs, Etude House Orgel Light eyeshadows
Bottom Row: Skin Food Rice Mask sample, ELF angled foundation brush

I bought the eyeshadows and brush from Karen, one of my dear blogging friends.  She gave me the cotton swabs and rice mask as freebies. Love them!

Last but not the least, false eyelashes!

These eyelashes were bought by the lovely Shimmerjjang Andy.  When she posted the pictures of these lashes, I knew I just had to try them out. I don't really wear falsies but, come on, who wouldn't want longer fuller lashes? XDDD  I never thought the day would come that I'd want to wear these falsies but it did arrive sooner than I thought. ;)

For now, I am putting myself on a makeup shopping ban because I have more than enough makeup in my stash. To think Weng just sent me a really special gift! A Sephora makeup palette!

I ended up giving my Shawill eyeshadow palette to my sister because I have more than enough colors on this wonderful palette. :3

That's all for now. Hope you found this haul post interesting~!

FOTD: Long wear no makeup look

I hardly post any pictures of myself because I am highly self-conscious. But after yesterday, I guess it's time to try and post face of the day updates from time to time. ;)  My boyfriend and I attended a wedding in Laguna yesterday and considering how lazy I could get, I wanted something long wearing and yet natural looking for my face.  It's a wedding, after all.  Here it goes:

Without glasses. 

With glasses in my boyfriend's car. XD Need the glasses or I won't see properly!

Weddings in general make me use primers because I never know how humid it could get in the venue.  And I hate retouches because I end up spending so much time in the restroom. So here's a list of the products I used for this look:

Face: Benefit Porefessional primer, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (I used them on my cheeks as volumer), Luview Aqua Essence bb cream (because I like how light it feels and it doesn't make my skin look reddish), Benefit Bella Bamba blush (my favorite!), Krave Minerale Oil Eliminator (my finishing powder), Nature Republic Oil Control Mist
Eyes: Krave Minerale concealer stick (for hiding dark circles), Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in brown, Etude House Proof 10 eye primer, Sephora makeup palette eyeshadows (I only used two shades), ELF liquid eyeliner (pen type in Coffee), NYX jumbo pencil in Milk, Maybelline Hypercurl VolumExpress mascara
Lips: Nanny Rose's lip balm + sunscreen, Etude House Look At My Lips in Paparazzi Coral

Sooo many products! But I just ended up removing excess oils from my face with oil control film and reapplying lipstick or at a later time (dinner and there were hardly any picture taking moments after the first part) Revlon's lip butter in peach parfait.  I am glad I decided to use primers today.  There was a time that it was a bit humid in the church but all was well in general. :D

Most of you who know me personally would be surprised at the pictures. I think that my face looks considerably smaller now compared to last year or even January this year. Oh and the fact that I hardly go and be girly. Lol. 

In other news, I am still losing weight despite my busy work sked, irregular exercise and less strict diet (because of my busy-ness). Nothing drastic but at least, I am still able to do something about my weight. Actually the corset top and skirt I wore yesterday were both quite loose on me, but I had to make do with the things I had at home. I think that I could now start trying on some size 16 and maybe some knitted or stretchy size 14 clothes. ;)  That's such great news for me because I used to wear size 18 and I think that some of my clothes were practically size 20.

So yeah, that's just it for now. I wanted to do a haul post but the images haven't been uploaded yet. Bad internet connection at home.

Huwebes, Mayo 31, 2012

My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

I have been recently posted about hooping and certain dietary changes I've incorporated in my lifestyle. Just got home and I am currently 181 pounds. :) For someone who started with 196 pounds in January, this sure is a feat! I've never really been able to lose a whole lot of weight and keep it off me.  I love food too much!

When the love affair with food has gone wrong...

That's when I think I really gained more weight. I mean, I've always loved food. It's just that the love has gone from good to bad. It became an outlet for relieving stress. Finding comfort in food became a nightmare because I couldn't get into my nice clothes anymore, commuting became really awkward and what's worse is when people think I am pregnant. ~_~ GUUUUUH.  And then special occasions come and go.  Weddings I attended required me to wear formal outfits. I seriously found it horrible to try on dresses with designs I didn't like one bit but I had no choice because I was too big for everything else. My tops are usually US size 18 and bottoms are usually US size 16.  It made my self-esteem much worse.

But one can bounce back from the dumps and become better!

One of my friends posted this on her Facebook timeline today:

Image Credit: flabbytofit.tumblr.com

Most of the things on the picture were the words I've heard from my friends and colleagues who have been getting into a fitness routine.  It helps that these people around me are aware of these things and we get to talk about it freely.  Now it doesn't feel bad to drink less soda and eat less pizza.  I don't feel deprived because I am eating better now and I am more active.

Current diet and exercise routine

Like what I said on my previous blog post, I have no strict diet. But I usually take a heavy breakfast, with protein rich food: eggs, ham/tapa/fish/etc and 1/4 (or sometimes 1/3 cup of rice).  Why do I do this?  We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. ;)  I also have the rest of the day to burn the calories.

Lunch is generally sandwich or salad with fish. (Because the Korean lady is out of the country so no kimchi until next week!) But I sometimes give in to eating rice and a soupy viand like chicken curry or sinigang.  I just lessen my rice.  Dessert is generally fruits. Sometimes I eat banana, sometimes it's melon, and these days I like pineapple. :D

Commuting home takes forever so I usually eat dinner outside my home.  I go for a sandwich or fresh lumpia. :)

When I get home I exercise.  But nothing too heavy or intense because I don't know if I could handle it yet.  It's usually 30-45 minutes of hooping or poi.  Or a little bit of both. Poi is wonderful for my arms. And it is challenging to learn new poi moves that look cool.  Hooping makes me sweat more though.  Now I understand what they say by hooping is like a gentle massage around your body!  Totally loving it and some of my friends have sent me messages that they're interested in taking up hooping too.  I guess the video I shared helps in getting them interested.

A woman's hooping adventures and her amazing transformation. :)

Hooping won't let me lose the pounds fast but it's fun. :)

What about other ways to get rid of the fat?

Well, I've thought about it time and again.  Maybe someday if I have the budget I'd look into Belo's Sexy Solutions.  Losing the flab around the belly and thighs is really a bit tougher. When I measure my body, it seems like I've been losing inches but not much in those areas ahahaha. Gosh. I've been worried about having smaller boobs because they used to be bigger but I think that they're still proportional enough to my body hahaha.  After all, Sexy Solutions is a non-invasive fat reduction clinic that has machines that can (1) melt fat in stubborn places, (2) tighten loose skin and (3) tone muscle. Plus they say that they have fitness and nutrition coaches who could tell me if I am doing something wrong.  Right now, I don't have an analysis of how much of my body is fat, etc. And if I need to make my activities more intense, I need guidance on that too.  Sexy Solutions has experts so why not, if I have the resources? ;)

She looks gorgeous, doesn't she? Well, I don't really aim for anything like that. XDDD Something that's appropriate for my height and build would be enough.  After all, I've never been a skinny girl and I just want to become more fit and healthier.

Someday maybe? I'd think about it really hard. But for now, I will keep on reading about healthier food and learn some new poi and hooping moves that will let me know myself in a different way.  After all, through hooping and poi, I've met new friends and have found new things to share to my old friends.

At the end of the day...

It's all about becoming healthier.  It really helps to have friends to cheer me on and help me through these challenges I am facing. I am just thankful that so far, things are looking good and I love it.  Some of my old clothes fit me again and somehow there's a little bit more confidence than usual. Here's hoping I could keep at it forever and pass the things I've learned to other people as well. :)

Linggo, Mayo 20, 2012

Fitness Mode On: Hooping Fun!

I have been spinning poi for 30-45 minutes thrice a week at a minimum. If I could go at it every night, I would. Anyhow, I do feel that the physical activity has been helping me with my weight loss because I end up burning the calories I ate during the day and consistent physical activity just makes me feel better in general.  Plus I actually learned a new poi move. :D

Poi isn't enough for me though. Even if I do try to incorporate other movements with my legs (by turning, doing some awkward dance-like movements), it's my arms that mainly get the workout.  So when I lost my first 10 pounds, instead of getting rewarded with a massage, I got a hoop as a reward instead and I don't regret it at all!

Me and my hoop!  I ended up tying the loose pants/half pants thingy because it was hot and well, the hoop slipped too much hahaha. Barefoot hooping at Venice Piazza.
Get your own hoop via Planet Zips. Hoops by Hoopaholic Cebu.
Image Credit: Peppy Salita.

Why the hoop?

I've never been good with the hula hoop as a child. 1-3 spins on my waist and that was it. So what made me think that it's going to be better now that I am an adult? It's because I have been reading about fitness and hooping seems to improve one's core strength.  Would you believe that I sweat more when I hoop?  And that I actually end up moving my entire body when I hoop.

I attended Planet Zips' hoop workshop yesterday and I love the fact that Sweet said that we shouldn't be afraid to flail or look awkward. That hooping celebrates the awkward. The sillier you are, the more creative you can get. She taught me how to turn while inside my hoop as well as turn in a different direction while my hoop spins in another. She also taught me off body hooping which really is a lot of work on the arms. And probably my back, especially when I pass the hoop from my front to the back and over and over again.

Hooping on the waist and hip area now make me feel more aware of my posture, because Sweet pointed out to me that the reason my hoop falls when I turn is because of my posture.  I should stop thinking to hard about my hoop lessons and be more aware of my body, no?  Even for poi, I think that also applies.   Maybe the reason I learn a little slowly is because of that.  But at least I now have physical activity and actually have fun. It might not be the conventional way of doing things but I like it and I could do it consistently. After all, I don't really want to feel stressed about losing weight.  Some folks lose 10 pounds in a month. Good for them, I guess. Maybe I feel a bit envious but I really don't know if at this point I could go to the gym and lift weights because I get really bored.  Someday maybe I'd do that.  For now, lemme have fun with my hoop and see what happens next. ;)

PS: If you're in Manila and are interested to learn poi or hooping, don't hesitate to check out Planet Zips. And if you're based in Cebu, there's Hoopaholic Cebu.  The people are friendly so say hi~!

Fitness Mode On: Posting About What I Eat

Hi everyone~!  This post is inspired by the lovely Gellie. :)

I know I am supposed to post a review but let me just share my first five months of trying to get fit and eat better.  Last December, my doctor told me that I needed to lose at least 20 pounds so I could become healthier.  Then Christmas break happened and I gained 10 more pounds. Wtf. I had to lose a minimum of 10 more. ~_~ When 2012 started, I already had a talk with my boyfriend that when we're going out to eat, he should really stop me when he notices I am eating more.  And that I should eat probably half of what I normally eat to begin with.

Changing my eating pattern wasn't easy at all.  At the office, everyone loves food. Surrounded by everyone, it felt even more difficult.  But what helped me more was the fact that one of my teammates was eating healthier.  With that, I started eating more vegetables and less rice, less sweets. He's a good influence. XD  He talks me about articles he has been reading, his workout plan, etc. And aside from that, my other friend keeps reminding me to eat breakfast -- breakfast with protein, not just carbs.  Oh and he did remind me that I should have a cheat day, the time I could eat anything and everything I want (but still in moderation).

Right now, I eat only half or even just 1/3 of what I used to eat. When I catch myself eating more pizza, I share with my boyfriend or one of my friends.

Meals are usually like this:
Breakfast: 1/2 or 1/3 cup of rice, a fried egg, sardines/tapa/meatloaf/etc.
Lunch: salad (or kimchi or other vegetable dish) + fish/chicken/other meat + banana/other fruits OR sandwich + fruit
Dinner: sandwich + fruit OR veggies (sometimes 1/3 cup of rice)  + fish/chicken/other meat

I still eat snacks. I do eat icecream from time to time.  I still eat potatoes but not as much. And I actually don't eat a lot of 'diet' food.  Right now, I haven't been strictly measuring everything I eat. I try to get a feel of what I need and what I don't really need.  There are times when I crave sweets so I still eat them when I do, it's just a small portion. Enough to give me energy and not make me crave more.

Sorry I don't really have before and after pictures. But I have gone from 196lbs to 183lbs from January to today.  I had a very bad feeling about what I weighed in January. Maybe I will take a picture of myself one of these days and let's see what happens in the next number of months as I plan to keep on working at it.

Martes, Mayo 1, 2012

Hello Summer! Sharing Sizzling Giveaways for a More Beautiful You

It's summer but I am slaving away at work more often than not T^T I cry for the fact that our internet connection at home isn't good so I haven't posted all my pictures from the Etude House Play House event just yet. *sigh*

Anyhow, so many things are happening this summer. Fabulous bloggers and one of my favorite brands are having their giveaways so I hope you find the time to check them out:

Shimmerjjang's Giveaway with Makeup Hub by NC - I love Andy <3 She's been so helpful to me when I just started out looking for good reviews of Korean makeup here in Tumblr. As a way to thank her readers, she's holding a giveaway.  Check out the details because there are two ways to win!

The Beauty Junkee's Grand 3rd Anniversary Giveaway - The lovely Martha of The Beauty Junkee is celebrating her 3rd anniversary and she's got plenty of goods for her loyal readers and fans. :) I like her reviews because of the details. She includes price and where you could buy the items she reviews so it's very helpful! Plus she's so talented. Definitely worth reading, if you haven't seen her blog yet.

Mich Eats and Shops Makeup Bonanza Blogversary Giveaway Part 2 - Mich is a blogger who shares her makeup finds and even her food adventures!  First encountered her blog when I was looking for coral colored lippies and now she has her blogversary giveaway. :3 The instructions are fairly easy to follow so I hope you could join this giveaway without a hitch. ;)

Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Competition - Get a fabulous trip to Boracay package by sharing your dream vacation destination and how Snoe's beautiful products will figure in that trip.  I love Snoe's products because they are affordable and effective.  (Remember my post about their Hair and Body Glaze?) Visit their website for the details of their products.  (Check out their sunblock line and Body Rituals line too!)

I am planning to join some (if not all!) of these giveaways myself. XD Here's hoping to win something awesome and something I definitely need.  Hope you win too if you do join. :D

PS: Coming soon would be a couple of sunblock reviews. Snoe and Clinique!

Miyerkules, Abril 18, 2012

My Etude House haul + Pink Fair ticket

First of all, thank you to all of you who sent me a message after reading my previous blog post. I am definitely humbled and touched by your words. <3 It's been difficult for the past two weeks or so and feeling ugly so I just had to let it out of my system.  You're definitely inspiring women who I respect and trust as well so I want to express my gratitude.


I haven't been shopping as much as I used to so the Pink House ticket was actually the perfect excuse for me to get new stuff from Etude House! ;)  What's a girl to do? Right? Right! Hahaha. Anyway, here's my haul:
Owly Images
L-R: Etude House Pink Fair ticket, Matte Real top coat, Petit Bijou spray (peach!), Dual Nuance #4, Oblique Shadow Brush

I suppose some of you would've expected me to get the latest lippies. Well, I did like the beige shades a lot. It's just that I think I have enough lippies and I didn't see a shade that truly stood out from the bunch. At least for me, I think I could hold off from purchasing them for now.  The shades I liked from the testers earlier were ones that were too close to my current set of lippies so, yeah, it was a no go for me.

The Matte Real top coat was heaven sent! I finally saw it in stock so I just had to grab one before I miss out on it.  :D  And the Petit Bijou spray was something I read about before. I love the fact that I could use it for practically anything.  I just forgot to buy a small atomizer for this though. T^T  The Dual Nuance eyeliner and eye shadow stick was in metallic/shimmery brown so I just had to get it.  Perfect for those days when you know you have to go somewhere but can't be bothered to bring an eyeshadow palette!  And last but not the least, the oblique shadow brush. :3  Eye makeup is a challenge for me so I am building up my tool set for eye makeup.  My lip colors are generally in the pink, light or even nude shades so it's more or less natural looking and so I thought that eye makeup should probably be more 'obvious' or prominent.

The Pink Fair is something I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have friends who are definitely going there and I can't miss this chance. :)  Are you attending the Pink Fair? Hope to see you!

Lunes, Abril 16, 2012

On finding yourself and your inner beauty

I have to admit something: I am very insecure about how I look.

Funny how that sounds like because this blog is about skin care, makeup and things that make one's self pretty.  Well, it does make sense that I am writing this confession to you. Some of you know me personally. Some of you just met me recently. Some of you met me when I was a teenager.

Thanks to M who boosted up my energy this morning when she complimented my latest profile picture on Yahoo Messenger.  She told me that I looked great and that it was good that I am learning to work with what I have.  It's really hard to believe in one's self when you wake up one day feeling like the ugliest person in the universe. (Melodramatic, but it does happen, doesn't it?)  Feeling unattractive is something people of all shapes and sizes experience.  It could be because of what other people tell us or it could be because of something else.  In my case, I have been labeled as the fat girl when I was younger and it doesn't help that I am still big and growing bigger each day.

That's when fighting for yourself needs to happen.  You need to sort out the bad from the good.  J and I have been texting each other last night and she really did give me a sense of comfort.  Despite the fact that she's younger than I am, when it comes to these things, I look up to her because she has that confident air about her. I think that's one of the reasons I miss interacting with her more frequently: her energy is infectious! Just her hello is enough to send good vibes in this universe.  Because of that positive energy that she exudes, she is such a pleasure to be with. The simplest conversations could turn out to be the most inspiring ones.

But I digress.  One needs to find himself/herself and learn more about the things that make himself/herself unique. What is special about you?  Are you paying attention to yourself? Sometimes we're too busy meeting deadlines, dealing with our clients, working ourselves to make sure we earn our keep.  We forget that we need to take care of ourselves in every possible way.  Are we still growing in terms of our character? Or are we stagnating?

I generally believe that when you are beautiful inside, you get to reflect that outside.  When we learn more about ourselves, when we allow ourselves to dream and pursue those dreams and achieve them, we gain confidence because of the little victories and the big victories we come across. Confidence does play a big part in giving out a beautiful aura which translates to something generally appealing to people.  You might not look like Ms. Universe, but you could still be the most charming person around if you let yourself shine.

The bad thoughts enter my head often these days. Maybe that's part of the reason why I haven't been blogging as much. But if I want to improve myself inside and out, I need to wrestle with those thoughts and win over them. And some of them, I need to embrace. Why? Because I think that some of those bad thoughts are partly correct: they might be about my weaknesses and so I have to embrace those weaknesses so I could deal with them accordingly.  If I want my inner beauty to shine through this madness I am experiencing right now, I need to face them one by one and just bring them out into the open. Well, not as openly as posting about all of them here. At least find someone I trust to talk to about them and not let the thoughts fester.  I need healing first.  Then I hope to gain the confidence that will help me become the better version of myself.

And if you're struggling like me, I encourage you to sort things out and find help from people you trust a lot.  It will be better for you to find someone to lighten the burden. He/she could remind you of the good things in your life and show you what lessons you could gain from your experiences.  You don't have to feel alone.  I hope that once you've started dealing with these things, you'd become a more confident person and a beautiful one too.

Linggo, Abril 8, 2012

Giveaway Alert! Super Summer Giveaway

Kikay Si Maria, Shimmerjjang and Makeup by Ana Patricia have collaborated on a really HUGE summer giveaway for beauty enthusiasts out there. There are some required and optional stuff to do so read the details of their giveaway carefully!

Details of their giveaway as posted by Eloisa Co/Kikay Si Maria is here so click this link!

You need to like the Facebook pages of their sponsors:

Red Jhelli
Style Qtr
RK Manila

So check them out on Facebook. :D  I follow most of these pages (if not yet all of them) to get the latest product information and even details of giveaways from them.

And for the rest of the details and FAQs please check out Eloisa's post. (The link is up there!)

I dunno if I will join the giveaway or not. I am not lucky with such huge giveaways! I mean, I've won giveaways before but nothing this big~ I find the Clarisonic as a very huge incentive to join hahaha XDDD  Try your luck, you've got nothing to lose. :)

Post-Event Update: Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

This is a rather photo-heavy post! Some pictures were taken using my phone, some were from the Snoe Beauty Inc.'s Facebook page and some are from Sofie's friend Christian Amiel Tira. Image credit will be given where it is necessary. :)

Last March 24, I went to Snoe's Suntervention Bloggers Convention held in Dasmarinas Village.  Their twitter update encouraged bloggers to interact with them so I didn't hesitate and grabbed the chance.  After all, Snoe was the brand of sunblock I was using.  (I have yet to review "Here Comes the Sun" soon! Sorry about not blogging about it sooner.)

Image Credit: Snoe Beauty Inc.

Upon entering the premises, everyone is encouraged to register and we even get Snoe money after that. Snoe money was used later in the event. We were even given a chance to try their false eyelashes. 

I was one of the people who arrived early and I met Donnarence and Sofie. :) 
Image Credit: Christian Amiel Tira

We had a chance to chat a bit and meet other bloggers too. One of the people I wanted to meet after so long was there too! Guess who? Michelle Bugante of Mich Eats and Shops. :D  While waiting for the others to arrive, we had a chance to test out some of their products.

Snoe's different products

 bb cream!

Body Ritual Recipes Body and Hair Glaze in Nectarine Ginger Tea

We had all sorts of games that day and I was called out for the first game. ^^;;;;;; The most awkward girl over there, I think. LOL. Because it was their launch for their latest product, SunTervention, we had to put sunblock on their male models. ^^;;;; Aiyeee~.  After a couple of games, the very beautiful CEO of Snoe talked to us about their latest products.  She was so lovely. My phone camera couldn't capture her beauty.  We actually had other games too.  So it was actually a very fun and informative event, especially for those who are new to the brand. :)

Snoe's CEO, Jen Gerodias-Diaz

I don't remember everything from her talk.  But some of the highlights were:
  1. SunTervention - This is more intense than their "Here Comes the Sun" sunblock.  It offers SPF 80++ protection and it has a nice calamansi scent.  As she said in her talk, they're serious about sun protection and that even in their packaging they usually remind their customers to use sunblock.  (It is true if you check their products.  Do drop by their shops to see what I mean.)
  2. Their latest products: CC cream :)  Something to watch out for, especially for bb cream fans.
  3. They will have more shops which will give their customers a better experience.  (I saw their post in the Snoe Facebook page of their store design in SM Valenzuela and it looked so pretty!)
  4. They have so many new products like a new variant of Hair Heroes, their Body Ritual Recipes Hair and Body Glaze, etc. That's why you really just have to go visit their stores. :D
The great thing about this event is that I met so many new people.  It's amusing how I have commented on some of their blogs already (way back) and I am even subscribed to some of them. ^^;  (Like Lucky Citrine, Carizza Chua, Codename Aya.) And of course I was happy to see Bec again (she's ever so bright and sparkly!) and I was blown away by the loveliness of Martha and Shen. :) So it was really cool that way.  I even met some new people like Gen (such a creative lady and I hope she will succeed in what she plans to launch in the future!) and Nin.  I was lucky to have talked with some of them and I hope to lessen my shyness and awkwardness in future events or opportunities to see them again.

Anyhow, at the end of the event, we got a chance to spend our Snoe money on their products.

My Snoe money

Everything in this photo was bought using Snoe money except for SunTervention because they gave that to all of us who went there. So lucky~! Perfect for summer. :)

I've been using Suntervention on my face and my body these days.  Has this replaced "Here Comes The Sun"? Yes!  Why? I prefer the texture of this one. :)

So there you have it.  I have yet to post reviews on these wonderful products.  I was truly lucky to have been given an opportunity to be at their event because Snoe is surely one Filipino brand to watch out for.

Quick Review: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (Wash Off)

I like Skin Food products because they work well on me. The first bb cream that really didn't give me any issues was their Peach Sake BB Cream. :) Anyway, I was lucky enough to be picked by the beautiful blogger Des of Chic Sassy Mom and the products included were all from Skin Food so I got to try some of them including this wash off mask.

Sample size of the product. I used it 3 times. :)

Instructions from the Skin Food site:

Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eye and mouth area. Gently scrub and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 - 15 minutes.

Take note it says lukewarm water, not boiling water, not freshly boiled water either~! Don't hurt your skin. I usually mix hot water with tap water and test first so it's slightly warm but not hot. You get what I am saying? ;)

Texture: Yay!

It is thick and grainy, just like what I expected because it has sugar. Look at the pictures below.

It is thick and brown.

Spreadable~! And you could see the grains.

Some of you might fear that the grains are too big. I think that it was ok and it didn't really hurt. I think the sugar kinda melted with the heat from my hands as I spread them. XD  So no worries on how big the grains are.

Scent: Yay!

It was kinda citrusy and sugary. I LOVE IT!  I wouldn't mind using this mask regularly hahaha.

Effect: Yay!

My face felt really nice and clean.  Some bloggers said they looked like they had a glow after using it.  I couldn't really tell because of the lighting at home.  But my face felt oh so fresh and clean.  It didn't feel dry so I think that's a good thing.  

Overall I was happy with this trial packet and I am considering to get this after I used up my exfoliating creams. Well, unless I end up too happy with my Human Nature Strawberry scrub that is!  I can't comment on the packaging because it is different when you buy it full size.  I am also not sure of the cost when you buy it.  I think it's around PhP 550 or something.  Not bad, considering that's their mall price.   I am glad I had an opportunity to try this out for a week! Thanks again, Des! :)

Lunes, Marso 26, 2012

Just Sayin' Hello + Sharing My Latest Addiction

I should be sleeping soon but I just wanted to say that I miss posting what products I tried and getting feedback from you girls, whether it's through Facebook, Twitter or this blog. My team and I have to meet really early later so here's a quick note saying that I wish I could chat some more.

One more thing: I went to an event last weekend and it was pretty interesting for me. I don't really get a chance to go to a lot of events (except the work and sorta related to work ones) so it was very different. Lol. Being an awkward person, I was overwhelmed by the number of people I got to meet. Imagine reading someone's blog and actually meeting the person behind it! That was my feeling. Details to follow. But for now, let me share one thing I got from the event which is probably my latest addiction: Snoe's Body Ritual Recipes in Nectarine Ginger Tea!

Owly Images

It was love at first smell hahaha. There were testers and one of them had this. Before I left the venue, I just had to get myself one. For the past two days I've been using this throughout the day so I smell clean and a little sweet.  Not too much.  Sweet and citrusy, just the way I love it!  I let other people spritz this on themselves. Now one of my friends at work and my sister both seem to like the scent too! How awesome is that? :D This local brand is becoming more and more interesting to me. So yeah, I will talk about them later this week.

What are your latest finds? Don't be shy and post a comment here and I'd love to hear from you. Hope you have a nice week, lovelies!

Linggo, Marso 18, 2012

Got Disqus working :)

From now on, I'd be using Disqus as a commenting system on this blog. It's easier that way. Hope you won't hesitate to use it. :)

Linggo, Marso 11, 2012

March Wishbox 2012 + Giveaway from Yellowy Cream on YouTube!

Finally, someone has posted the details of the March 2012 Wish Box! Am I excited? I definitely am! Everything you need for your day to day makeup is in one cute kit: Klair's bb cream, Ciracle finishing powder, Tony Tint, Skin Food eyeshadow duo and Nature Republic lip gloss. What's not to love about it?  And the good thing is that Yellowy Cream on YouTube has a giveaway. ;)

I am definitely joining this giveaway because I've seen the update on the Wish Trend site and their Facebook page before.  If I get picked, I will be so happy because Klair's and Ciracle both have products included there and I've been so curious about those brands. It also helps that my favorite brands Tony Moly, Skin Food and Nature Republic also have makeup included in this Wish Box! :)

I was right that Klair's BB cream is included. Gosh. She said it's her favorite bb cream right now so I do want to check that out. :) (The brand sounds like my name and so that must be part of the reason why I want to try it!) And the pouch is sooo lovely! I would definitely be proud to carry one with me.

If you're excited about the Wish Box from Wish Trend,  check out the details of her giveaway on her YouTube video.  There will be four winners and you could join as a blogger or as a You Tube channel owner or as a subscriber.  Be sure to follow her directions carefully, ok?

Enjoy this video and good luck!

Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

Stuff to Look Forward To: Eye Makeup from Luview

I really like the Korean brand Luview. :) Thanks to Shimmerjjang Andy for introducing this brand to me via her blog.  I really like one of their bb creams (Aqua Essence BB Cream), their mascara and their lip gloss~!  To know that they plan to release eye makeup makes me feel very excited too.

Last January, they posted a teaser of the eyeshadows that they plan to release. Here's a picture:
(Image Credit: Luview)

So they are eye shadow trios! I have been wanting to learn more eye makeup techniques so I just got a basic palette from Shawill plus the one from Its Skin.  But the ones that I think would be great for everyday are from Luview.  See the mostly brown trio? The right-most one.  I am really looking forward to using that.  The other one that I might get is the second from the left. It has a really light pink and purple.  It's either that or the left-most trio of pinks and a cream.  According to the Luview page for these eyeshadows, they are baked mineral eyeshadows so I expect them to be quite pigmented and good for using whether wet or dry.

(Image Credit: Luview)

Aside from eye shadow trios, Luview also plans to release eyeliner. Gosh. There's a purple one! They say they will release four colors so I am wondering if the other one not featured is white.  But I am definitely looking forward to trying out one of these eyeliners.  Probably the purple one because if you use it on your lower lashline/waterline, it is said to bring out the brown of your eyes. ;)  They are supposed to be long-wearing eyeliners so I am definitely going to wait for these.

I am from the Philippines and I definitely wish these products would be more accessible when they are released. For now, I will gladly wait for their announcement on the Luview fan page and their official website.  They ship internationally, thank goodness! I better save up for these goodies, especially if they end up releasing them this summer. 

Review: Nanny Rose's Waxing Starter Kit

Remember my post about the package from Amanda?  I have a bunch of products from ARD Organics, the makers of the Nanny Rose's product line.  I have tried Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls last year and I had an inconsistent experience with it.  Anyhow, Amanda advised me that it is best used as a hot wax so this is what I did this time around. My legs are so hairy and I really don't like that so I decided to finally try this again after not shaving my legs for a couple of weeks just so the leg hair will all show up already (more or less) prior to waxing.  I used this waxing kit from Nanny Rose's -- it is made of Sticks & Pulls and the After Wax Salve.  

the boxes of the items that are part of the kit

details on the salve (includes ingredients, expiration date, manufacturer info)

details on the wax (includes ingredients, instructions, expiration date, manufacturer info)

So... this is the reason why I need to use these products:

Told you. I have a bad case of leg hair. ~_~ Thick, coarse leg hair. UGH.

Prior to waxing, I followed the instructions on the box: Washed my legs and made sure they were dry.  I also sprinkled some baby powder on both legs just to make sure they were dry.  Instructions also said that the wax should be heated up so I did that.  I had to let it cool down for around 6-10 minutes before I started using it because it kinda boiled in the microwave.  I am not sure if it being in an airconditioned room with an electric fan running helped in cooling down the product. I wouldn't be able to use it otherwise.

Review of the Sticks & Pulls/Wax
Texture/Consistency - Yay!
When it is not yet heated, it is quite thick but not solid.  Maybe something like a really heavy and thick syrup.  But once you heat it up, it becomes more liquid.  I put it in the microwave for around 15 seconds, using the medium-high setting. It was easy to spread on my skin. There were no granules in the wax. I did recall reading somewhere that some folks experienced that there were granules in the wax.  Maybe they improved the formula for the product this time around. :)

Application - Yay!
When I spread it on my skin, it was a bit sticky but still easy to spread.  But as it became cooler, it became a little more difficult to spread thinly but it was still ok.

Scent - Yay!
It was kinda sweet but not overpowering. :) Pleasant smelling stuff always make it easy to work with them!

Removal Power - Yay!
I followed the instructions that I should spread it in the direction of the hair growth and pull against the direction of the growth.  It was easy and painless to remove the hair.  I just pulled and then saw the hair against the cloth.  I guess it helps that my leg hair wasn't that short. XD

Applicator - Nay :(
I don't know why but I think that the wooden applicators I got from before seemed sturdier.  I got the bigger jar of Sticks & Pulls last year and the sticks were much thicker and stronger.  The ones I got here were more brittle. :(  One of them broke while I was spreading the wax.  I don't know if it's because this is a smaller box and this is the kind of applicator that fit.  I want the other applicator -- but I have the misfortune of having lost them. I think my mom threw them out thinking they were just sticks.

Cloth - Yay!
I really like the cloth that came with the wax. I think that it was sturdy enough.  And it didn't feel scratchy against my skin.  I even cut the cloth into smaller squares so that I could easily use them.  Longer strips of cloth on bigger areas on my skin seemed harder to work with back then.  

The box of the wax, with the cloth strips and one of the sticks.

Packaging - Ok
It's in a plain brown box which could keep your sticks and cloth when you're not waxing.  The tub of wax is a microwavable one so you don't need to worry about transferring the wax when you need to use it.  Plus the label does tell you when it would expire.  I think that's something important.  Oh and one more thing: You probably need to remember to store the wax in the ref.  When I used one before, I forgot to store it in the ref and just kept it in the box on my desk.  But I ended up putting so much stuff on my desk and so I didn't notice that the box was on its side and the wax seeped out. ~_~ Ants ended up crawling on my desk. Now my new small tub of this wax is in the ref.  

Overall - Yay!
I like it better this time around. Maybe my previous experience and what I've learned from that, as well as Amanda's tips in using this wax has helped me remove my leg hair without pain.

 Review of the After Wax Salve

Texture/Consistency - Ok
It was more like a thick liquid rather than a cream so you could probably say it's a little too runny?  It's in a tub so I expected it to be thicker. But I guess it's easier to spread that way.

Scent - Yay!
It was herbal and it faded fast enough that I didn't think it was annoying.  I like things smelling nice or scentless when they are applied on my skin because I don't want to smell bad stuff.

Soothing Effect - Yay!
I can't judge it too much, I suppose, because it's the first time I used a salve after waxing.  I am not sure if I will attribute not having chicken skin on my legs to this salve.  But maybe I could? I guess?  Before I wouldn't use any salve after waxing. I would just wash my legs and then there would be chicken skin-like texture after waxing.  This time it was just smooth.

Packaging: Ok
I am not a big fan of the packaging because it's in a tub.  Putting it in a tube like the other salves might be better. Or maybe it should be in a bottle so that it's like a lotion.

My leg here does look much cleaner, doesn't it? And no chicken skin effect!

Overall - Ok 
I am not sure how much this is but considering that the Sticks & Pulls is affordable, I would assume that this salve is.  And if I am right about it helping me avoid the chicken skin effect, this is a good product and I would consistently use it after waxing from now on.

I am still new at DIY waxing and I've only used products from Nanny Rose's.  So far, my experience has improved because the leg hair removal was pretty much painless.  At the same time, I think that the salve might have helped in making my skin look better than what it usually did after waxing.  However, it might be said that the wax in the small might be only good for 2-3 waxing sessions if your leg hair problem is like mine.  Not sure how many uses other products are good for so I can't really compare yet.  Also, you might want to try to get the bigger tub of wax because I think that its applicators are sturdier.  If they could include the same kind of applicator in the package of the smaller tub, it would be great.

Once again, thanks to Amanda for letting me try this product. :) It would surely help me prepare for my summer look with smooth hairless legs. ;)

PS: I think that Watson's carries this brand.  After all, that's where I got my first tub of Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls.  Check it out if you became interested after reading this review.

Some thoughts about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I got these samples from Estee Lauder Philippines. Got wind of these samples through my friend's blog on Dolled Up and Down.  Turns out that my other friend Shimmerjjang Andy also tried it so I thought that there's no harm in checking out this new product out there, considering there are free samples.  So I answered their poll on Facebook - and read other tips from various Estee Lauder fans.  (Some were quite inspiring!) Anyway, after getting my sachets of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, I started using it.

The liquid was not thick. It was like the serums I've tried before.  And it was easily absorbed by my skin so that's something comfortable to put on my face.  The scent was faint so it didn't irritate my nose. BUT I suspect that this product wasn't agreeing with my skin. :( Unlike other serums I've used before, they help me deal with pimples and keep my skin feeling fresh.  However, when I was using this, it seemed like my pimples just kept showing up.  I went to Hong Kong for 4 days so I was the lazy packer and didn't include any skin care products in my carry on.  My skin became better.  But when I got back and started using this again for a couple of days, the pimples (especially below my chin) started showing up again and they're quite big. UGH. Maybe it's just me.  But I don't think this product suits my skin. :( I am glad to have tried it through their samples and I do know it's effective on other girls.  However, I will skip buying this and use another brand.  If there are any Estee Lauder products that I am curious about for future purchases it would be their lipsticks but for now, I won't be getting other stuff any time soon.

Martes, Pebrero 28, 2012

Quick Review: The Face Shop LovelyMe:Ex Lip Care Cream in I'm Vitamin

Do you have chapped lips?  I do!  And lip balms are forever in my kit and on my table at home just to make sure I keep them hydrated.  When I read Lia's tip about the lip cream, I just had to try it!  I've been using it every night before sleeping. 

I never thought about slathering lip cream on my lips before going to bed. My lips used to be so dry and it really hurt.  But not anymore :D  This product really made me happy!

Texture: Ok
It's a bit thick but at least it's not sticky.  It's more like a gel than a cream to me.  Maybe it feels like you slathered butter all over your lips but it's ok. It keeps my lips moisturized.  It spreads easily btw. 

Scent: Yay!
It's not so strong but it's kinda citrusy. I like that kind of smell so it's a yay for me. ;)

Effectivity: Yay!
I slather on a lot of it on my lips before sleeping hahaha. Well, I still make sure it's not too thick a layer because that would feel weird.  And true enough, sometimes I forget lip balm in the morning and yet my lips aren't so dry.  I think that's one really good thing! :D

Price: Ok
I think it's a bit pricey considering some lip balms are less than 100 pesos.  I think I got this for 255 pesos in The Face Shop in SM North.

Packaging: Yay!
In general, I am not fond of tubes like this but it's easier to use than anything in a pot.  Not as clean as the stick form of a lip balm but because it's a cream type product, this is pretty good.

Overall: It's a Yay!
I am not really using it during the day time so I still have a lot of product in the tube.  I've had mine since late December and so far so good.  It's worth getting!  It's part of my nightly routine and if your lips get dry easily, maybe you should try it as well!

Lunes, Pebrero 27, 2012

Quick Review: Laneige In Dream Red

It was my birthday last weekend so I decided to be a little different by wearing red lipstick. The one from Shawill is a little too dramatic for a casual date so I went for Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in Dream Red.

Color: Yay! It's a nice cherry red with a bit of shimmer which isn't so obvious unless you look closely. Or the light hits the lips a certain way.

Without lipstick

With lipstick
Wear: Ok
It kisses off. I hate seeing lipstick stains on my cup or straw. But even though it kisses off I didn't really need to reapply so much. And for a day of eating it was on me for 4 hours. The color was still there. Not bad at all. 

Moisturizing property: Yay!
It didn't dry my lips. :-) I suppose my nightly lip cream helps. Packaging: Yay! The cap is secure. Not too tight. And it looks so pretty. The white tube looks classy. And the label at the bottom says the shade you have.
Price: Ok
I got it on sale so it's cheaper than usual. ;-) For someone who is more of a lip balm and lip gloss person, this is good though of course I find the other shade I have as more "sulit."

Overall: Yay! 
I prefer tints and lip gloss but this line from Laneige does make me like lipstick. The nice thing is I really like the color even though it's something that I wouldn't wear everyday.

Biyernes, Pebrero 24, 2012

Wishing for a Wish Box: WishTrend's March Special

One of the Korean sites that I am following just posted their latest offering: a WishBox for March 2012!  WishTrend is a company that aims to bring Korean goods to every part of the world.  One of their eye catching products is the Namzia zipper pouch.  I noticed that they sell a number of products that are made for people with sensitive skin. They also have products made for men. How lovely, right?  And now I am soooo curious about the products that they're including in their WishBox. :D

Image Credit: WishTrend

The picture above is on their website.  Because Klair's is included, I am soooo tempted to get this WishBox. :3  I think that one of the products included is Klair's blemish cream. I know that the items are blacked out but the shape looks about right, doesn't it? I saw the review of Klair's blemish cream by Tessa.  It really looks like a promising product! And their WishBox includes something from Ciracle too, a brand I've been curious about.  And because they're including products from brands I already know and love, I am seriously considering this WishBox.  After all, it's not everyday that we get certain brands, right?

The picture on the site also shows a cute pouch which has "WishTrend" on it.  Well, there are two designs of the pouch. I love the one with the balloon. <3  Maybe that's part of it too because it says "WishBox."

And if you're going to buy this WishBox, there are two choices for shipping: Regular/Basic and EMS.  Details are on this page.

So tempting, so tempting. Maybe I will wait until the middle of March before I order. Why?  Because if I order over $60 worth of products, shipping is free.  At least for the regular/basic.  But we'll see. I don't mind the regular shipping so it's ok.  It's just that the Namzia pouch is really pretty, that's why I might buy one along with the WishBox. :) It's on my wish list now!

I learned about WishTrend through one of my blogging friends, Tan Kim of Test and Share. :)  You could follow WishTrend's Facebook or WishTrend's Twitter.

Huwebes, Pebrero 23, 2012

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair

I just got these samples today. Maybe I will use these before I try the one from Tony Moly. I have been pimply lately, mainly on the chin. Here's hoping these work for me. *crosses fingers* If you want to try this product too, just check out the Estee Lauder Philippines Facebook Page. There's a tab there where you can share your tips on life etc:-)

Miyerkules, Pebrero 22, 2012

It's Skin Mix & Bake #3

Thanks to Dianna for the quick transaction! <3

I am on an eye shadow phase. I've been looking at gyaru makeup tutorials and I have come to appreciate the eye makeup tutorials they share.  I might not be fond of the false eyelashes but the way they apply eye shadow is something I love.  And maybe it's partly because of those eye makeup tutorials that I am looking for nice natural looking shades.

Dianna is one of the people I met through Facebook and she's selling skin care and makeup products.  One of her posts was of It's Skin Mix & Bake Eyeshadow.  Being the Korean skin care and makeup addict that I am, I kept on looking at the pictures until I could no longer stand it and got it for myself.  Got this for 300 pesos. I think it sounds reasonable :)  Some of the eye shadow duos and trios I've been looking at cost more than that. And she even sent me a couple of freebies: Skinfood's Omija Whitening Cream and a little bit of Luview's Lemon Cleansing Foam.  (Yay! I will actually try out the cleanser~!)

I swear, the colors on this product just made me fall in love with it. Hahaha!

It looks shimmery, right? Compared to my Shawill eyeshadows, the shimmers here look more subtle.  Then again, when I swatched Shawill, it was the top part.  But like what I saw in the store counter, when you get to the middle part of the product, it's not as shimmery.  Anyway, these colors are really pretty. Like natural colors, only a little shimmery.  The one on the right is peachy (but quite light) and the other is more like some bronzey-brown color.  I really like both of them and I wish I took a picture first before I washed my hand when I swatched it earlier.  Oh well.

I am not sure if I could show an FOTD or my trial of wearing gyaru eye makeup because these are way too subtle, IMHO.  The camera wouldn't be able to capture the colors properly, I think.

Oh and I suppose these are baked eye shadows? XD  I am such a newbie. All I know is that just one look and the colors got me :3

Martes, Pebrero 21, 2012

On cheap nail polish

All the nail polish in the picture cost around PhP 100 total. Cheap? Yes. Definitely. The OMG nail polish bottles cost around PhP 35 each and the little bottles are PhP 10 each. All of them are from Novaliches Bayan.

OMG nail polishes - both of these bottles have streaky consistency.  I don't know if it was just me and my luck or if they really are like that.  One can layer the yellow but be careful in doing so. It might just look like yellow lines that are not even.  The cracked nail polish -- I might be using it wrong.  It's not cracking as much. Argh. Too bad I couldn't try them before buying. It said so in the shelf with lots of nail polish in Hortaleza. :( I was thinking that it will be fine.  But not really...

Well, if there's one thing I regret about getting these nail polish is that the three cheap ones have no labels at all. I like the colors for experimenting but I dunno. I guess I am a little scared about the ingredients they have.  As for the the OMG ones, I will give them some time. Who knows if they will eventually have thicker consistencies.