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Review: Nanny Rose's Waxing Starter Kit

Remember my post about the package from Amanda?  I have a bunch of products from ARD Organics, the makers of the Nanny Rose's product line.  I have tried Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls last year and I had an inconsistent experience with it.  Anyhow, Amanda advised me that it is best used as a hot wax so this is what I did this time around. My legs are so hairy and I really don't like that so I decided to finally try this again after not shaving my legs for a couple of weeks just so the leg hair will all show up already (more or less) prior to waxing.  I used this waxing kit from Nanny Rose's -- it is made of Sticks & Pulls and the After Wax Salve.  

the boxes of the items that are part of the kit

details on the salve (includes ingredients, expiration date, manufacturer info)

details on the wax (includes ingredients, instructions, expiration date, manufacturer info)

So... this is the reason why I need to use these products:

Told you. I have a bad case of leg hair. ~_~ Thick, coarse leg hair. UGH.

Prior to waxing, I followed the instructions on the box: Washed my legs and made sure they were dry.  I also sprinkled some baby powder on both legs just to make sure they were dry.  Instructions also said that the wax should be heated up so I did that.  I had to let it cool down for around 6-10 minutes before I started using it because it kinda boiled in the microwave.  I am not sure if it being in an airconditioned room with an electric fan running helped in cooling down the product. I wouldn't be able to use it otherwise.

Review of the Sticks & Pulls/Wax
Texture/Consistency - Yay!
When it is not yet heated, it is quite thick but not solid.  Maybe something like a really heavy and thick syrup.  But once you heat it up, it becomes more liquid.  I put it in the microwave for around 15 seconds, using the medium-high setting. It was easy to spread on my skin. There were no granules in the wax. I did recall reading somewhere that some folks experienced that there were granules in the wax.  Maybe they improved the formula for the product this time around. :)

Application - Yay!
When I spread it on my skin, it was a bit sticky but still easy to spread.  But as it became cooler, it became a little more difficult to spread thinly but it was still ok.

Scent - Yay!
It was kinda sweet but not overpowering. :) Pleasant smelling stuff always make it easy to work with them!

Removal Power - Yay!
I followed the instructions that I should spread it in the direction of the hair growth and pull against the direction of the growth.  It was easy and painless to remove the hair.  I just pulled and then saw the hair against the cloth.  I guess it helps that my leg hair wasn't that short. XD

Applicator - Nay :(
I don't know why but I think that the wooden applicators I got from before seemed sturdier.  I got the bigger jar of Sticks & Pulls last year and the sticks were much thicker and stronger.  The ones I got here were more brittle. :(  One of them broke while I was spreading the wax.  I don't know if it's because this is a smaller box and this is the kind of applicator that fit.  I want the other applicator -- but I have the misfortune of having lost them. I think my mom threw them out thinking they were just sticks.

Cloth - Yay!
I really like the cloth that came with the wax. I think that it was sturdy enough.  And it didn't feel scratchy against my skin.  I even cut the cloth into smaller squares so that I could easily use them.  Longer strips of cloth on bigger areas on my skin seemed harder to work with back then.  

The box of the wax, with the cloth strips and one of the sticks.

Packaging - Ok
It's in a plain brown box which could keep your sticks and cloth when you're not waxing.  The tub of wax is a microwavable one so you don't need to worry about transferring the wax when you need to use it.  Plus the label does tell you when it would expire.  I think that's something important.  Oh and one more thing: You probably need to remember to store the wax in the ref.  When I used one before, I forgot to store it in the ref and just kept it in the box on my desk.  But I ended up putting so much stuff on my desk and so I didn't notice that the box was on its side and the wax seeped out. ~_~ Ants ended up crawling on my desk. Now my new small tub of this wax is in the ref.  

Overall - Yay!
I like it better this time around. Maybe my previous experience and what I've learned from that, as well as Amanda's tips in using this wax has helped me remove my leg hair without pain.

 Review of the After Wax Salve

Texture/Consistency - Ok
It was more like a thick liquid rather than a cream so you could probably say it's a little too runny?  It's in a tub so I expected it to be thicker. But I guess it's easier to spread that way.

Scent - Yay!
It was herbal and it faded fast enough that I didn't think it was annoying.  I like things smelling nice or scentless when they are applied on my skin because I don't want to smell bad stuff.

Soothing Effect - Yay!
I can't judge it too much, I suppose, because it's the first time I used a salve after waxing.  I am not sure if I will attribute not having chicken skin on my legs to this salve.  But maybe I could? I guess?  Before I wouldn't use any salve after waxing. I would just wash my legs and then there would be chicken skin-like texture after waxing.  This time it was just smooth.

Packaging: Ok
I am not a big fan of the packaging because it's in a tub.  Putting it in a tube like the other salves might be better. Or maybe it should be in a bottle so that it's like a lotion.

My leg here does look much cleaner, doesn't it? And no chicken skin effect!

Overall - Ok 
I am not sure how much this is but considering that the Sticks & Pulls is affordable, I would assume that this salve is.  And if I am right about it helping me avoid the chicken skin effect, this is a good product and I would consistently use it after waxing from now on.

I am still new at DIY waxing and I've only used products from Nanny Rose's.  So far, my experience has improved because the leg hair removal was pretty much painless.  At the same time, I think that the salve might have helped in making my skin look better than what it usually did after waxing.  However, it might be said that the wax in the small might be only good for 2-3 waxing sessions if your leg hair problem is like mine.  Not sure how many uses other products are good for so I can't really compare yet.  Also, you might want to try to get the bigger tub of wax because I think that its applicators are sturdier.  If they could include the same kind of applicator in the package of the smaller tub, it would be great.

Once again, thanks to Amanda for letting me try this product. :) It would surely help me prepare for my summer look with smooth hairless legs. ;)

PS: I think that Watson's carries this brand.  After all, that's where I got my first tub of Nanny Rose's Sticks & Pulls.  Check it out if you became interested after reading this review.

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  1. Wow! I'm not into diy waxing, my first attempt wasn't as successful, but maybe I'll reconsider. :)