Huwebes, Pebrero 16, 2012

A Lovely Surprise - From Nanny Rose

Got home really late tonight but all is good. I just got a really lovely package today, courtesy of Amanda from Nanny Rose's :) I have made a quick review of their waxing kit on my old blog and I think it would be great to have a more detailed review one of these days. Especially now that I think I have more reasons to do so! They apparently have more products now. Want to see what they are? Read on!
Left to right: Four Slices of Raspberry Cheesecake lip balm, Lemonest Lemony lip balm + sunscreen, The Waxer's Starter Kit (Sticks & Pulls, and Mild Like Chamomile after wax salve), Sweet as Pea hand + elbow salve, The Common Mint Peppermint foot salve. The salves came just in time! I am glad that I will have a chance to try them out. My feet feel so tired from walking and my elbows aren't so smooth - they're elbows, I know, but at least they don't have to be so rough.
Such cute colors on the salves' packaging :-) I am biased towards these colors hahaha. I've got new lip balms to try as well. I am addicted to lip products, I swear. I will definitely give these a test run in the coming days. Starting tomorrow lol.
One of them has spf protection, so that's something to possibly try for summer. ;-) And last but not the least : The Waxer's Starter Kit!
When I first bought their waxing kit, it was just Sticks & Pulls. I didn't see an after wax salve. This is going to be interesting to try, that’s for sure. Been busy lately and I ended up converting most of my pants to skirts so I have been shaving more often than before. *gasp* But I swear : it's just a quick remedy for my leg hair. Ugh. I will definitely try to not shave and wax instead. It looks much neater too. That's all for now. This is a preview of things to come on my blog. Have you posted your latest beauty haul? Feel free to comment to share the link here. :-)

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