Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

Some thoughts about Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I got these samples from Estee Lauder Philippines. Got wind of these samples through my friend's blog on Dolled Up and Down.  Turns out that my other friend Shimmerjjang Andy also tried it so I thought that there's no harm in checking out this new product out there, considering there are free samples.  So I answered their poll on Facebook - and read other tips from various Estee Lauder fans.  (Some were quite inspiring!) Anyway, after getting my sachets of the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, I started using it.

The liquid was not thick. It was like the serums I've tried before.  And it was easily absorbed by my skin so that's something comfortable to put on my face.  The scent was faint so it didn't irritate my nose. BUT I suspect that this product wasn't agreeing with my skin. :( Unlike other serums I've used before, they help me deal with pimples and keep my skin feeling fresh.  However, when I was using this, it seemed like my pimples just kept showing up.  I went to Hong Kong for 4 days so I was the lazy packer and didn't include any skin care products in my carry on.  My skin became better.  But when I got back and started using this again for a couple of days, the pimples (especially below my chin) started showing up again and they're quite big. UGH. Maybe it's just me.  But I don't think this product suits my skin. :( I am glad to have tried it through their samples and I do know it's effective on other girls.  However, I will skip buying this and use another brand.  If there are any Estee Lauder products that I am curious about for future purchases it would be their lipsticks but for now, I won't be getting other stuff any time soon.

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