Martes, Pebrero 28, 2012

Quick Review: The Face Shop LovelyMe:Ex Lip Care Cream in I'm Vitamin

Do you have chapped lips?  I do!  And lip balms are forever in my kit and on my table at home just to make sure I keep them hydrated.  When I read Lia's tip about the lip cream, I just had to try it!  I've been using it every night before sleeping. 

I never thought about slathering lip cream on my lips before going to bed. My lips used to be so dry and it really hurt.  But not anymore :D  This product really made me happy!

Texture: Ok
It's a bit thick but at least it's not sticky.  It's more like a gel than a cream to me.  Maybe it feels like you slathered butter all over your lips but it's ok. It keeps my lips moisturized.  It spreads easily btw. 

Scent: Yay!
It's not so strong but it's kinda citrusy. I like that kind of smell so it's a yay for me. ;)

Effectivity: Yay!
I slather on a lot of it on my lips before sleeping hahaha. Well, I still make sure it's not too thick a layer because that would feel weird.  And true enough, sometimes I forget lip balm in the morning and yet my lips aren't so dry.  I think that's one really good thing! :D

Price: Ok
I think it's a bit pricey considering some lip balms are less than 100 pesos.  I think I got this for 255 pesos in The Face Shop in SM North.

Packaging: Yay!
In general, I am not fond of tubes like this but it's easier to use than anything in a pot.  Not as clean as the stick form of a lip balm but because it's a cream type product, this is pretty good.

Overall: It's a Yay!
I am not really using it during the day time so I still have a lot of product in the tube.  I've had mine since late December and so far so good.  It's worth getting!  It's part of my nightly routine and if your lips get dry easily, maybe you should try it as well!

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  1. my lips are weirdly dry right now! idk why. i am not so cool with tube gloss as normally they are sticky. but ill swatch and test this when i vist face shop next time!

  2. Hi Kumiko! I am not fond of lip creams in general but when I read Lia's post that it's great to be used before going to bed, I decided to give this a try and I am happier now :)