Linggo, Abril 8, 2012

Giveaway Alert! Super Summer Giveaway

Kikay Si Maria, Shimmerjjang and Makeup by Ana Patricia have collaborated on a really HUGE summer giveaway for beauty enthusiasts out there. There are some required and optional stuff to do so read the details of their giveaway carefully!

Details of their giveaway as posted by Eloisa Co/Kikay Si Maria is here so click this link!

You need to like the Facebook pages of their sponsors:

Red Jhelli
Style Qtr
RK Manila

So check them out on Facebook. :D  I follow most of these pages (if not yet all of them) to get the latest product information and even details of giveaways from them.

And for the rest of the details and FAQs please check out Eloisa's post. (The link is up there!)

I dunno if I will join the giveaway or not. I am not lucky with such huge giveaways! I mean, I've won giveaways before but nothing this big~ I find the Clarisonic as a very huge incentive to join hahaha XDDD  Try your luck, you've got nothing to lose. :)

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