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My Etude House haul + Pink Fair ticket

First of all, thank you to all of you who sent me a message after reading my previous blog post. I am definitely humbled and touched by your words. <3 It's been difficult for the past two weeks or so and feeling ugly so I just had to let it out of my system.  You're definitely inspiring women who I respect and trust as well so I want to express my gratitude.


I haven't been shopping as much as I used to so the Pink House ticket was actually the perfect excuse for me to get new stuff from Etude House! ;)  What's a girl to do? Right? Right! Hahaha. Anyway, here's my haul:
Owly Images
L-R: Etude House Pink Fair ticket, Matte Real top coat, Petit Bijou spray (peach!), Dual Nuance #4, Oblique Shadow Brush

I suppose some of you would've expected me to get the latest lippies. Well, I did like the beige shades a lot. It's just that I think I have enough lippies and I didn't see a shade that truly stood out from the bunch. At least for me, I think I could hold off from purchasing them for now.  The shades I liked from the testers earlier were ones that were too close to my current set of lippies so, yeah, it was a no go for me.

The Matte Real top coat was heaven sent! I finally saw it in stock so I just had to grab one before I miss out on it.  :D  And the Petit Bijou spray was something I read about before. I love the fact that I could use it for practically anything.  I just forgot to buy a small atomizer for this though. T^T  The Dual Nuance eyeliner and eye shadow stick was in metallic/shimmery brown so I just had to get it.  Perfect for those days when you know you have to go somewhere but can't be bothered to bring an eyeshadow palette!  And last but not the least, the oblique shadow brush. :3  Eye makeup is a challenge for me so I am building up my tool set for eye makeup.  My lip colors are generally in the pink, light or even nude shades so it's more or less natural looking and so I thought that eye makeup should probably be more 'obvious' or prominent.

The Pink Fair is something I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have friends who are definitely going there and I can't miss this chance. :)  Are you attending the Pink Fair? Hope to see you!

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