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Post-Event Update: Snoe Suntervention Bloggers Convention

This is a rather photo-heavy post! Some pictures were taken using my phone, some were from the Snoe Beauty Inc.'s Facebook page and some are from Sofie's friend Christian Amiel Tira. Image credit will be given where it is necessary. :)

Last March 24, I went to Snoe's Suntervention Bloggers Convention held in Dasmarinas Village.  Their twitter update encouraged bloggers to interact with them so I didn't hesitate and grabbed the chance.  After all, Snoe was the brand of sunblock I was using.  (I have yet to review "Here Comes the Sun" soon! Sorry about not blogging about it sooner.)

Image Credit: Snoe Beauty Inc.

Upon entering the premises, everyone is encouraged to register and we even get Snoe money after that. Snoe money was used later in the event. We were even given a chance to try their false eyelashes. 

I was one of the people who arrived early and I met Donnarence and Sofie. :) 
Image Credit: Christian Amiel Tira

We had a chance to chat a bit and meet other bloggers too. One of the people I wanted to meet after so long was there too! Guess who? Michelle Bugante of Mich Eats and Shops. :D  While waiting for the others to arrive, we had a chance to test out some of their products.

Snoe's different products

 bb cream!

Body Ritual Recipes Body and Hair Glaze in Nectarine Ginger Tea

We had all sorts of games that day and I was called out for the first game. ^^;;;;;; The most awkward girl over there, I think. LOL. Because it was their launch for their latest product, SunTervention, we had to put sunblock on their male models. ^^;;;; Aiyeee~.  After a couple of games, the very beautiful CEO of Snoe talked to us about their latest products.  She was so lovely. My phone camera couldn't capture her beauty.  We actually had other games too.  So it was actually a very fun and informative event, especially for those who are new to the brand. :)

Snoe's CEO, Jen Gerodias-Diaz

I don't remember everything from her talk.  But some of the highlights were:
  1. SunTervention - This is more intense than their "Here Comes the Sun" sunblock.  It offers SPF 80++ protection and it has a nice calamansi scent.  As she said in her talk, they're serious about sun protection and that even in their packaging they usually remind their customers to use sunblock.  (It is true if you check their products.  Do drop by their shops to see what I mean.)
  2. Their latest products: CC cream :)  Something to watch out for, especially for bb cream fans.
  3. They will have more shops which will give their customers a better experience.  (I saw their post in the Snoe Facebook page of their store design in SM Valenzuela and it looked so pretty!)
  4. They have so many new products like a new variant of Hair Heroes, their Body Ritual Recipes Hair and Body Glaze, etc. That's why you really just have to go visit their stores. :D
The great thing about this event is that I met so many new people.  It's amusing how I have commented on some of their blogs already (way back) and I am even subscribed to some of them. ^^;  (Like Lucky Citrine, Carizza Chua, Codename Aya.) And of course I was happy to see Bec again (she's ever so bright and sparkly!) and I was blown away by the loveliness of Martha and Shen. :) So it was really cool that way.  I even met some new people like Gen (such a creative lady and I hope she will succeed in what she plans to launch in the future!) and Nin.  I was lucky to have talked with some of them and I hope to lessen my shyness and awkwardness in future events or opportunities to see them again.

Anyhow, at the end of the event, we got a chance to spend our Snoe money on their products.

My Snoe money

Everything in this photo was bought using Snoe money except for SunTervention because they gave that to all of us who went there. So lucky~! Perfect for summer. :)

I've been using Suntervention on my face and my body these days.  Has this replaced "Here Comes The Sun"? Yes!  Why? I prefer the texture of this one. :)

So there you have it.  I have yet to post reviews on these wonderful products.  I was truly lucky to have been given an opportunity to be at their event because Snoe is surely one Filipino brand to watch out for.

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