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Quick Review: Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (Wash Off)

I like Skin Food products because they work well on me. The first bb cream that really didn't give me any issues was their Peach Sake BB Cream. :) Anyway, I was lucky enough to be picked by the beautiful blogger Des of Chic Sassy Mom and the products included were all from Skin Food so I got to try some of them including this wash off mask.

Sample size of the product. I used it 3 times. :)

Instructions from the Skin Food site:

Apply evenly after cleansing. Avoid eye and mouth area. Gently scrub and wash off with lukewarm water after 10 - 15 minutes.

Take note it says lukewarm water, not boiling water, not freshly boiled water either~! Don't hurt your skin. I usually mix hot water with tap water and test first so it's slightly warm but not hot. You get what I am saying? ;)

Texture: Yay!

It is thick and grainy, just like what I expected because it has sugar. Look at the pictures below.

It is thick and brown.

Spreadable~! And you could see the grains.

Some of you might fear that the grains are too big. I think that it was ok and it didn't really hurt. I think the sugar kinda melted with the heat from my hands as I spread them. XD  So no worries on how big the grains are.

Scent: Yay!

It was kinda citrusy and sugary. I LOVE IT!  I wouldn't mind using this mask regularly hahaha.

Effect: Yay!

My face felt really nice and clean.  Some bloggers said they looked like they had a glow after using it.  I couldn't really tell because of the lighting at home.  But my face felt oh so fresh and clean.  It didn't feel dry so I think that's a good thing.  

Overall I was happy with this trial packet and I am considering to get this after I used up my exfoliating creams. Well, unless I end up too happy with my Human Nature Strawberry scrub that is!  I can't comment on the packaging because it is different when you buy it full size.  I am also not sure of the cost when you buy it.  I think it's around PhP 550 or something.  Not bad, considering that's their mall price.   I am glad I had an opportunity to try this out for a week! Thanks again, Des! :)

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