Lunes, Enero 23, 2012

NOTW: Etude House PetiteDarling Nails Matte in Purple Milky Way

This has got to be my favorite Etude House nail polish of all time.  This is not the first Etude House nail polish I bought. I think that this is the second. The first one I got was a beige-brown shade.  (Will check the number later but I am pretty sure that the lovely Erika Jjang has it too!)

This is Petite Darling Nails Matte in Purple Milky Way, a purplish brown matte nail polish.  I bought this from SM Makati last September. The price is PhP 98, or roughly USD 2.00 or so.

I've always been fascinated with matte finish on book covers and such. So why not nail polish in matte, right? I couldn't resist it.  And I love brownish shades so this one was definitely a must-have for me! ^_^

What do I love about this nail polish?

  1. It is matte!  It doesn't have a glossy finish so it's not too eye-catching, I think. XD I could go to a client meeting and not be conscious about my nails.
  2. The color is just so cute. ;)  Of course, it's a nail polish so it's best to buy something that appeals to you.
  3. It is affordable.  Considering this is matte nail polish, PhP 98 is a good price.
  4. It is locally available.  There are so many Etude House counters and boutiques.  Just go out and buy a bottle of this if you think it has a nice color too.
  5. It dries quickly. Sorry I didn't time it but it's fairly quick to me. ^^; Less than 15 minutes, I think.
What do I think are downsides of this nail polish?
  1. This doesn't last so much on my nails.  I suppose I should get the matte top coat to make it last more than 3 days.  Then again, such wear and tear depends on your activities.  If you do stuff that make it easy for nail polish to chip off, well, you better find a good top coat. ^_~
  2. The color on the bottle doesn't really show it's true color when it dries.  I suppose the picture doesn't help much.  But really, it's much more purple in real life.  In the bottle it looks more like a dark beige or mocha though.  I am not sure if it's because of the frosted glass of the bottle.
  3. The nail polish becomes too thick or something.  Would the proper term be viscous?  I have to use a solvent and mix it up so I could apply it on my nails.
  4. The bottle is small!  I wouldn't mind paying a higher price but I wish Etude House would make this color and sell it in a bigger bottle.
Have you tried using this nail polish too? What are your thoughts about it?  Or maybe you have other nail polish that you'd like to recommend. Please feel free to post a comment. I'd appreciate it. ^_^ Have a great week ahead!

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