Sabado, Enero 14, 2012

NOTW: Nature Republic BR901

This happens to be my favorite nail polish among everything I have.  I thought I'd like matte nail polishes more but really, this is just so special to me. To think that I just got it from Nature Republic on a whim, it was a lucky find and a great decision to get it. ;)

The pictures show you how nice and metallic this  nail polish is.  It has some shimmery stuff but nothing too big.  It's like heavy/thick caramel syrup with golden pixie dust to me XD  If you put just a layer of it, it doesn't look so brown.  It's pretty light, like maple syrup with some shimmers.

What I love about this nail polish:
  1. In terms of texture, it isn't too thick nor very watery.  Just like the other Nature Republic nail polish I have, it's consistently like that.  That's why it's not so difficult to use it.
  2. The color of BR901 is really pretty if you like browns or golds.  It's something that gives you a little of both.
  3. The shimmers of this nail polish are small. They are so small that they're not that obvious.  If you're not into big chunks of glitter, or if you want to wear something shimmery on your nails without looking too casual or party-like when you're in the office, I think that this nail color will do.
  4. For PhP 65 (or roughly USD 1.5), this nail polish is affordable considering the bottle isn't so small.  
  5. It is available in the local market.  You don't need to order this online. ;)  Just head to the nearest Nature Republic branches in SM Fairview, SM North the Block, Festival Mall in Alabang.
What I dislike about this nail polish:
  1. It chips off after 3-4 days.  It's pretty average in terms of chipping off from one's nails.  Most nail polish I have has that issue.  I wonder if getting from the more expensive nail polish set will yield longer-lasting nail polish.  Nature Republic has a more expensive set of nail polish and I have none from that set. Hmmm. That's something to try, I guess? :)
  2. All glittery nail polish from Nature Republic are a little more difficult to remove. I guess it's the stickiness of the shimmers that is affecting it?  I suppose that if you're a little more careful with your nails this nail polish will last longer without chipping off.  At least that's my conclusion based on how difficult it is to remove.  It takes me much more effort compared to the plain nail polish. Maybe 3-4 swipes of cotton with nail polish remover compared to the 1-2 swipes to remove the plain/non-shimmery ones.
Unobserved point:
Drying time.  I haven't really observed how long it takes to dry. I just know that when I use the top coat with it, it takes much longer to completely dry.  Without the top coat, maybe it completely dries in 40 mins max?

In the end...
I really love this nail polish and would probably look for a silver version of this. :)  And if they have a black version too, that's another to check out. I am going out today so I am definitely going to see if they have other similar nail polish in stock.  In general, I think I've come to love Nature Republic's nail polish and most of the ones I have at home are from their shop. If there are two things I recommend from their shop, it's the nail polish and their kelp mask which I have yet to review.

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