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Wish Trend Blind Test: BB creams special!

Hi everyone! Are you a fan of bb creams? I am! And I was so glad to have been part of WishTrend's blind test of products.

First up: What are bb creams?
Basically they are creams that have many different purposes more often than not. I use them because of the following:

  • coverage - it's kinda like foundation but with a lighter texture
  • spf - some of my bb creams have spf so that's some form of sun protection
  • oil control - well, more like some creams don't seem to have much oil in the first place so it's kinda like something that makes you look less oily for one reason or another
  • moisture for my skin
  • some have whitening properties too and I do use it for such ;)
What is WishTrend?
They're a Korean company that specializes in sharing to the world the wonderful Korean products such as skin care, makeup and also accessories.  They even have a blog where you could find all sorts of tips and reviews.  They conduct blind tests where they gather information about some products based on the reactions of real people.  Last month's blind test was all about bb creams!  Blind tests, btw, are basically researches done with real people.  They don't know the brands they are testing and they will give feedback about them.

The blind test proper
They sent 5 containers which had labels A, B, C, D, E.  I swear I had no idea as to what the contents were in terms of texture etc.  In any case, here are swatches:
BB creams galore! Not yet blended.

BB creams blended out! But the ink I used for dots kinda got erased ~_~

Each bb cream had different textures and colors. Most of them paler than my skin tone but it was fine.  The moment they're blended out everything is more or less fine and dandy.  I think that each of the samples were  probably good for one specific thing each.

My favorite bb cream: B
Why? I like the texture a lot and even though I was sweating, the bb cream didn't slip off my face.

My least favorite bb cream: D
Why? The smell was really strong and it made me dizzy for quite a while. ~_~ Seriously, it did. I think that was a big turn off for me.  Another thing was that it really didn't match my skin tone :(

Other notes:
BB cream A was pretty good in terms of coverage.  I think the shade of the sample I got was a bit lighter on me but still wearable because it was nice when it blended on my skin.  However, it was so awkward using my phone during lunch time when I was out because my bb cream was slipping off and transfered to my phone's screen. Ugh.

BB cream C was quite good too.  Quite like bb cream B to me but the main difference was color.  I think that once blended, B was the one I liked best on my skin.

BB cream E was ok too.  It just so happened that the other bb creams seem to be better in terms of coverage.

And the WishTrend report on the results of the bb cream blind test is already available in case you want to see what other bloggers said about the bb creams. :)

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