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Review: Nature Republic Home Made Recipe Pack in Kelp

Note: I have oily skin and I deal with white heads, black heads and huge pores. The product reviewed here is based on my needs. What works for me might not necessarily work for you

When I heard that the Korean skin care brand Nature Republic will open a shop in SM Fairview, I couldn't help but be excited about it.  I went there the day after their opening because I was at work.  Anyway, it was a good thing I did because I was able to get some goods including this Home Made Recipe Pack in Kelp. (I mentioned this in my skin care routine post.)

What's up with that?

This is the pack recommended to me by their SA.

So I went there looking for possible skin care and makeup products.  I immediately asked about the products they have for people with oily skin and have to deal with blackheads and whiteheads.  She gave me several options but this Home Made Recipe Pack in Kelp caught my attention because it was less than PhP 300 (USD 7).  Affordable? Definitely.  And it's meant to be used only a few times per week so I still have this tube of product with me up to now.

How to use this product

A large version of the image so you could see what's on the tube itself.

As you can see, you need to wash your face first then gently massage your face using this gel. Keep it on your face for 15 minutes.  The SA told me I just need to use this 2-3 times a week so that's what I've been doing for the past several months. :)

Texture and stuff

Straight from the tube, it's a green gel.  Looks dark green.

Once you massage it on your skin, it becomes lighter because it is spread out.

I find it moderately sticky.  But of course, it's in gel form. I think it can't be avoided.  Anyhow, it's not uncomfortable to use even if you have to keep it on your face for 15 minutes or so.  

You might find it weird that it becomes warm when you massage it on your face. I think the SA said that it's really what happens when you use it because warming up your skin opens up the mores which makes it easier for you to wash of the dirt and stuff after.

What I love about this product
  • After a few weeks of using it regularly I saw that I was using the pore strips less. Actually, I hardly use pore strips now.  I suppose it helps that I do keep a regular skin care routine but before I used this product, I'd have to use two pore strips on my nose on some days. 
  • It's easy to use because I don't have to wait for it to harden on my face like some other masks/packs. I just wash it off after.
  • It's affordable. 
  • A tube of this product goes a long way because I only little of this product on my face for 2-3 times a week.  I bought mine last November and there's still quite a lot. I think.
What I don't love about this product
  • The packaging -- because it seems like the tube is too big. I find it wasteful and I don't quite know if there's so much more air.  Also, because the tube is quite big, it won't be easy to bring this along on trips because it will make your kit bulky.
  • It's not in stock in some branches anymore. Well, at least in SM North the Block I didn't see it anymore recently. Nuuuu~! Then again, maybe others have found it effective too, that's why.
  • There are parabens in the product.
Sadly I don't have before and after pictures.  It would be gross to show you how much whiteheads I used to have though. If you have time to check out Nature Republic, just drop by one of their branches to ask for this product.  Talk to the SA about it and do a swatch so you know if your skin will react or not.  I know that sometimes skin care products are hard to find but if you get lucky enough, it would be more than wonderful.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone! :)

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  2. omg that looks so weird! im dying to try nature republic too.huhu would you happen to know where their other branches are?

  3. Hi Kumiko <3 The ones I go to are SM North and SM Fairview. If I recall correctly they have one in Festival Mall.

    Here's the link to their FB page