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Skin Food Goodies from Chic Sassy Mom :)

Thanks to Chic Sassy Mom for picking me as her commenter of the month! :) I've started reading her blog last year when I was looking for reviews of different products like the bb creams from The Skin Shop, Skin Food products, etc.  And I even asked her about Nyx matte lip creams hahaha. XDDD When I am curious about stuff, I can't help but ask around about them and I guess I am lucky to meet online friends who are willing to share their knowledge.  One other thing I love about reading Des' blog is that her posts remind me of my friend, Mama Meikah. I don't think they talk about the same things all the time, but I guess her tone of writing and her replies make me think of my friend. :)  Anyway, I am just so thankful for these wonderful Skin Food goodies she sent me recently.

Recently I've had bad vibes about blogging but there's nothing like a surprise announcement about winning a giveaway to drive away bad vibes!  And of course, blogging friends have been so kind to me too so I am back in shape to write.  This is mainly a picture heavy post because I was happy to receive my package this morning -- as in the first thing I saw on my desk hahaha!

The photo above is the complete set of goods. All Skin Food! Hooray! :)

Rose Essence Lip Balm. I've seen such cute packaging of lip balm in Japanese magazines. And now I have my own :3  And it's in a pink case too. How convenient!

Samples of Skin Food's Black Sugar Mask and Rice Mask.  These are two things I've been wanting to try. And I will! Thanks to Des <3

Samples of Skin Food's Gold Kiwi line. I hope they would really brighten up my face!

Samples of Skin Food's Gold Caviar line as well as sachets of their Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream. :) I have enough BB cream tubes and samples to last me a year? Or maybe not hahaha. This would be an interesting product to read about.

And she even sent a note with the package. Sweet! :)

I should probably do a haul post from the last two months. I think I amassed a huge amount of skin care and makeup. O_O Hoarding? Not really. Just so happened that last December, I attended a wedding so I bought some more stuff. There was also Benefit's opening. And this January, Laneige's promo for the lipsticks and Human Heart Nature's new products got me buying.   And one more special thing from December was the prize I got from Kikay Trekkie/Marge! Right now I am using the Clinique Dermablock and I am quite happy with it.  (Review will follow soon enough!)

Good vibes for everyone. :) I just wanted to share the goodies and I hope that you will also experience the same kind of happiness upon getting a wonderful surprise. 

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