Martes, Enero 3, 2012

NOTW: Glittery Pink Party Princess

See what I did there? Lol. I got inspired by Erikajjang's post: Etude House Party Queen Gradiation No. 2. It's not quite Party Queen-like because I don't have glittery nail polish like that. But this is the closest I could get. :) And I really think it's a cute combination. <3

I used three nail polish products from Nature Republic. :)
From left to right: PK202, clear top coat, PK203

How did I paint my nails?
1. I used PK202 first. It kinda looks like a really pale lilac in the bottle but once on the nails, it looks more like white with a hint of pink to me. I used two coats because the first one was quite streaky. At least with 2 coats, it looks decent.
2. PK203 is the transparent one with little pink shimmery stuff. After the first color has dried, I applied this to the tips of my nails.  It doesn't have to be perfect like French tips because it will look like some cute gradient effect. The shimmers are so small and dainty. I think it's a bit harder to make the glittery goodness obvious unless you apply around 3 coats -- which I did.
3. Apply the clear top coat so it would be neater for much longer. Well, at least that's true in my experience. :)

It's my first post on nails of the week. I hope this would last long enough on my nails.  Longer nails are tougher to maintain because I type everyday and I am such a clumsy person.   The top coat has been helpful to me more often than not so maybe this would be fine.  Anyway, the nail polish from Nature Republic come in bigger bottles so it's a good thing because this newbie here has difficulty painting nails and I did start over on certain nails. Ahahaha. XDDD

I might post other nail related blog posts someday soon. Looking at great nail art by Thiamere and Erikajjang's posts are making me want to do my nails more often.

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  1. Awww...these are so nice! I have a glittery polish from NR, it's a great idea to use it for the tips. I'll try mine, just for variety. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Best Regards! ^_^

  2. Hi Des! :) Glad you like it. I like NR's glittery nail polish so much. I have two of them right now and I have yet to post the other one. Maybe in the coming weeks. It's a nice caramel colored nail polish with small shimmery stuff. I think you might like it too.