Linggo, Enero 1, 2012

Starting Over

I have started blogging last year because I wanted to keep track of the things I am learning in the process of improving myself. It was quite interesting to meet new people because of skin care and makeup.  Along the way, I've met people who are willing to listen and help me when I ask questions.  I guess some of my questions are really just so basic.  But being the very late bloomer that I am, I don't know about them at all.

So along the way I've been meeting encouragement from different people: friends, colleagues, bloggers. Some of them I know personally, some of them I just met. A lot of them are quite decent people and I really think that under different circumstances, I'd still enjoy talking to them, etc.

However, there are times when I feel discouraged about writing down what I think. And in the last week or so, certain things triggered something in me that I wanted to disappear and just stop blogging. And up to a certain point, I thought about stopping the process that I've begun.  But I also realized that no matter how discouraged I am, I cannot stop learning how to be better and that includes learning to take care of my skin, wearing makeup and dressing up.

Here I am with a new blog. I can't help but try to be a little more private about what I look like just to avoid certain criticisms. My ego (admittedly) cannot handle such a thing right now.  But I am hoping that somehow, I'd figure out how to properly deal with it.  So thanks to everyone else who encouraged me to keep blogging, here it is. And please feel free to comment or share your thoughts.  Here's a new year, and hopefully a new me :))

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