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Review: Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

Disclaimer: I got this from the Benefit Bloggers' Sneak Peek. I wasn't paid to do a review but I just want to share my experience with this product.

I was at the Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Bloggers' Sneak Peek last November 2011 and I was able to swatch this product. Mamita and Aubrey were sharing their experience with this product so I wanted to try it myself. Thankfully, they gave me one that day. :) It was so good on my hand and I know it will feel right on my face.

Packaging: 4/5 
I love the shape of the bottle because it's just so cute. And it has a pump too! No need to dip my hand in a jar or use a spatula. It's so easy to use.  I give it only a 4 because I am afraid of breaking it. And well, it's not travel-friendly that way.  Otherwise, it's fine.

Texture: 5/5
I like how lotion-like it feels instead of the usual day cream. :)  I don't like sticky creams and lotions. This is just right for me, especially when I use only two pumps worth of product for my face and neck. It spreads easily enough. And it's not sticky.

How Easily It Is Absorbed: 4/5
If you put a thin layer, it will be absorbed after a couple of minutes. But if you make a mistake, it will take quite a while.

Moisturizing Effect: 5/5
I've been using the Garnier Oil Clear Brightening Scrub more often these days and to deal with how dry my skin feels sometimes, I've been more diligent in applying this emulsion. It just works for me. And no pimples too!

Oiliness/Greasiness factor: 4/5
I have yet to observe it a bit more but more often than not, I don't feel greasiness on my face.  That's a good thing.  But there are days when I do. It might be related to hormones though.

Scent: 5/5
I like the scent of this product. So clean and refreshing. I can't properly describe it though.

Price: 3/5
I guess it's a bit pricey for a product.  But it does work for me.  I might consider purchasing it if I really can't find a good emulsion for me.

Average: 4.2/5

Fairly good, right? Well, considering all those things mentioned earlier, yeah.

Other Notes:

My friend mentioned to me that she has this too but apparently it's a stickier form of the product. Plus the bottle didn't have a pump so it was harder for her to take the product out of the bottle. I guess that Benefit did improve their packaging.

During the time I started using this, there were days when I'd get pimples and itchiness and I was afraid that it was the product that was causing it. But I think I was getting the pimples and itchiness because of Physiogel, a cleanser from Stiefel.  (I really don't like using it nowadays because it reacts weirdly on my skin!)  Every time I'd stop using Physiogel, the itchiness and pimples don't come out. So yeah, it's not the emulsion.

My skin is oily so I was really concerned about my face turning greasy with this.  The swatch on my arm was good. And I got convinced that afternoon that it's one of the must-have's from Benefit.  I think I am right. Lol. I can't help but love using this product on my face!

There are days when I skip this in the mornings. Why? Because I find some bb creams to be very moisturizing. Sometimes I get pimples because of the other products.

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