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Quick Review: Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in Tea Beige

Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in Tea Beige
Price: 475 Pesos (reduced price because of buy 1, take 1 promo)
Place bought: Laneige Trinoma

I learned about the Laneige promo thanks to Chic Sassy Mom. :) Saw her post in Facebook about her new lippies and I couldn't help but get myself a couple because it's Laneige on sale. Hahaha. XD Marge/KikayTrekkie has good reviews about the Laneige lipsticks so I can't help but be curious myself. I've been looking at their website's listing of lippies ever since I read the reviews.

Pardon my really wide nose. Please look at how it looks like on my lips instead XD

So yeah, this lipstick is beige. I originally wanted the latte beige.  But I thought that this tea beige shade looked better on me.  It's brownish pink on me, something that I actually really like. It's one of my default lippies now because it's more natural looking than the Paparazzi Coral lipstick from Etude House's Look at My Lips collection.

What I love about it:
  • The color is natural looking! 
  • It lasts quite a bit longer than most lippies I have. It says 8 hours but it depends on what I eat and how much I wipe my lips.
  • It doesn't dry my lips. I could use it even without a layer of lip balm first.
  • So far, the packaging hasn't failed me, compared to the Look At My Lips one.  This one seems to have a secure cap!
  • Got it on a discount. ;)
What I don't love so much about it:
  • Maybe the regular price? But even if it happens to be at a regular price, I'd get it anyway.  I've been meaning to get myself a lippie or two from their shop.
  • Maybe it's a little more difficult to say if this shade has lasting power haha. I think it looks quite natural looking on me depending on the lighting.
At the end of the day, I could say that I am soooo happy about this product!  I am considering getting more Laneige lipsticks in the coming months, depending on how much lip product I end up using haha.

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