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It's Skin Mix & Bake #3

Thanks to Dianna for the quick transaction! <3

I am on an eye shadow phase. I've been looking at gyaru makeup tutorials and I have come to appreciate the eye makeup tutorials they share.  I might not be fond of the false eyelashes but the way they apply eye shadow is something I love.  And maybe it's partly because of those eye makeup tutorials that I am looking for nice natural looking shades.

Dianna is one of the people I met through Facebook and she's selling skin care and makeup products.  One of her posts was of It's Skin Mix & Bake Eyeshadow.  Being the Korean skin care and makeup addict that I am, I kept on looking at the pictures until I could no longer stand it and got it for myself.  Got this for 300 pesos. I think it sounds reasonable :)  Some of the eye shadow duos and trios I've been looking at cost more than that. And she even sent me a couple of freebies: Skinfood's Omija Whitening Cream and a little bit of Luview's Lemon Cleansing Foam.  (Yay! I will actually try out the cleanser~!)

I swear, the colors on this product just made me fall in love with it. Hahaha!

It looks shimmery, right? Compared to my Shawill eyeshadows, the shimmers here look more subtle.  Then again, when I swatched Shawill, it was the top part.  But like what I saw in the store counter, when you get to the middle part of the product, it's not as shimmery.  Anyway, these colors are really pretty. Like natural colors, only a little shimmery.  The one on the right is peachy (but quite light) and the other is more like some bronzey-brown color.  I really like both of them and I wish I took a picture first before I washed my hand when I swatched it earlier.  Oh well.

I am not sure if I could show an FOTD or my trial of wearing gyaru eye makeup because these are way too subtle, IMHO.  The camera wouldn't be able to capture the colors properly, I think.

Oh and I suppose these are baked eye shadows? XD  I am such a newbie. All I know is that just one look and the colors got me :3

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