Lunes, Pebrero 27, 2012

Quick Review: Laneige In Dream Red

It was my birthday last weekend so I decided to be a little different by wearing red lipstick. The one from Shawill is a little too dramatic for a casual date so I went for Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in Dream Red.

Color: Yay! It's a nice cherry red with a bit of shimmer which isn't so obvious unless you look closely. Or the light hits the lips a certain way.

Without lipstick

With lipstick
Wear: Ok
It kisses off. I hate seeing lipstick stains on my cup or straw. But even though it kisses off I didn't really need to reapply so much. And for a day of eating it was on me for 4 hours. The color was still there. Not bad at all. 

Moisturizing property: Yay!
It didn't dry my lips. :-) I suppose my nightly lip cream helps. Packaging: Yay! The cap is secure. Not too tight. And it looks so pretty. The white tube looks classy. And the label at the bottom says the shade you have.
Price: Ok
I got it on sale so it's cheaper than usual. ;-) For someone who is more of a lip balm and lip gloss person, this is good though of course I find the other shade I have as more "sulit."

Overall: Yay! 
I prefer tints and lip gloss but this line from Laneige does make me like lipstick. The nice thing is I really like the color even though it's something that I wouldn't wear everyday.

5 komento:

  1. so pretty ;-) i bought naman classic red from that buy one get one thing LOL

  2. I like this Kasi iba talaga from my usual. and it looks ok on a casual day. usually casual naman ako