Linggo, Pebrero 19, 2012

My Latest Tony Moly Haul

The Korean brand Tony Moly announced a sale and I was plenty excited when I first read about it. Sadly I wasn't able to check out any of their stores and counters until this weekend.  When I dropped by SM Makati, I was already tempted to get the snail cream on the spot. But they didn't have the Dr. Tony Pore Clear Sebum Control Serum.  I wanted to prioritize that product because I really ran out of serum already. So I took a chance by going to SM Fairview this afternoon.  I was lucky enough to see that particular serum right away! :D

And then I also saw Kikay Trekkie's tweet and Facebook update. Gosh. Snail cream. I've been wanting to get myself snail cream for the longest time. It was almost 50% off so I know I just had to get it. And I am now crossing my fingers that my skin will react well to the product. :)

My haul:
Left to Right: UV Sunset Maximum Sun Block Cream sample, Floria Nutra-Energy Toner with Argan Oil, Intense Repair Live Snail Cream, Dr. Tony Pore Clear Sebum Control Serum

The serum. It's in a glass bottle and it has a pump. Not travel friendly. Better have a container for it if you want to use it during your travel.  That or trial size sachets.

The snail cream is in a tub and they give you a spatula for it.  Better make sure it's always clean!  It also came with travel size versions of the snail lotion and snail skin. SNAIL SKIN?!?!?! I seriously am not sure what they mean by snail skin.  I have yet to do my research on these two products.

And lastly, what's my total bill?!

It's not cheap, considering I only bought two products, right? BUT! On regular days, these items cost much more.   The snail cream alone is around PhP 2000 and the serume is almost PhP 700.  That's why even though I was reluctant to break my budget, I also bought the snail cream.  I am really hoping it will help me deal with my skin troubles!

I've been prepped up via Kikay Trekkie's review of the Tony Moly Intense Repair Snail Cream. I am expecting to only put a little of it in the day so that I won't find it too sticky or heavy in the mornings. Maybe I will apply more in the evening, as there's more time for it to get absorbed by my skin.  I am crossing my fingers that I will find both products effective.

Did you shop during the sale? What's your haul like? :)

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  1. Oh wow! Escargot love! :) I'll wait for your review. At 50% off, winner! Haay, too bad, I'm out there exploring the north, I couldn't drop by. :( So happy for your finds anyhow...:) P.S. I'm glad you're back actively blogging on Korean Cosmetics, I've been skipping on them lately. :(

  2. Awww. I think you're so busy lately because of out of town trips. I am pretty sure that you will be back blogging about Korean skin care soon!