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Wishing for a Wish Box: WishTrend's March Special

One of the Korean sites that I am following just posted their latest offering: a WishBox for March 2012!  WishTrend is a company that aims to bring Korean goods to every part of the world.  One of their eye catching products is the Namzia zipper pouch.  I noticed that they sell a number of products that are made for people with sensitive skin. They also have products made for men. How lovely, right?  And now I am soooo curious about the products that they're including in their WishBox. :D

Image Credit: WishTrend

The picture above is on their website.  Because Klair's is included, I am soooo tempted to get this WishBox. :3  I think that one of the products included is Klair's blemish cream. I know that the items are blacked out but the shape looks about right, doesn't it? I saw the review of Klair's blemish cream by Tessa.  It really looks like a promising product! And their WishBox includes something from Ciracle too, a brand I've been curious about.  And because they're including products from brands I already know and love, I am seriously considering this WishBox.  After all, it's not everyday that we get certain brands, right?

The picture on the site also shows a cute pouch which has "WishTrend" on it.  Well, there are two designs of the pouch. I love the one with the balloon. <3  Maybe that's part of it too because it says "WishBox."

And if you're going to buy this WishBox, there are two choices for shipping: Regular/Basic and EMS.  Details are on this page.

So tempting, so tempting. Maybe I will wait until the middle of March before I order. Why?  Because if I order over $60 worth of products, shipping is free.  At least for the regular/basic.  But we'll see. I don't mind the regular shipping so it's ok.  It's just that the Namzia pouch is really pretty, that's why I might buy one along with the WishBox. :) It's on my wish list now!

I learned about WishTrend through one of my blogging friends, Tan Kim of Test and Share. :)  You could follow WishTrend's Facebook or WishTrend's Twitter.

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