Martes, Pebrero 21, 2012

On cheap nail polish

All the nail polish in the picture cost around PhP 100 total. Cheap? Yes. Definitely. The OMG nail polish bottles cost around PhP 35 each and the little bottles are PhP 10 each. All of them are from Novaliches Bayan.

OMG nail polishes - both of these bottles have streaky consistency.  I don't know if it was just me and my luck or if they really are like that.  One can layer the yellow but be careful in doing so. It might just look like yellow lines that are not even.  The cracked nail polish -- I might be using it wrong.  It's not cracking as much. Argh. Too bad I couldn't try them before buying. It said so in the shelf with lots of nail polish in Hortaleza. :( I was thinking that it will be fine.  But not really...

Well, if there's one thing I regret about getting these nail polish is that the three cheap ones have no labels at all. I like the colors for experimenting but I dunno. I guess I am a little scared about the ingredients they have.  As for the the OMG ones, I will give them some time. Who knows if they will eventually have thicker consistencies.

2 komento:

  1. i'm all for cheap stuff but sometimes i worry about lead content. maybe i'm just paranoid?

    have you seen the magnet nail polish? i think you would absolutely love this!

  2. hi dejibu! I know what you mean by getting scared about lead content. that is why I bought only 3 bottles. It is so hard no? cute pa naman ng colors. and yes! magnetic nail polish ftw! ang ganda so gusto ko rin ng ganun hahaha