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My Day to Day Makeup

I've posted about my daily skin care routine, which will be updated soon? Lol. I'm trying out the Tony Moly products that I just bought so there's a chance that I will be updating that soon.

Because I live far from the office, I try to use only a little amount of makeup just so I won't look like I am some strange creature. Or I don't even bother with makeup at all, save for tinted lip balm.  Lol. Anyway, here it goes:

What are these items?
  1. Luview Aqua Essence BB Cream
  2. Benefit Cha-Cha Tint
  3. Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in Tea Beige
  4. Human Heart Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss
  5. Nichido Girls Night Out in white
  6. K-Palette 24-hour eyeliner
I don't even bother with using brushes when it's part of my daily routine.  Why? It is inconvenient to wash brushes.  All of these products have the fuss-free factor when it comes to using them.
I don't bother using powder these days unless I think my face is insanely oily or if I feel that it is humid. I just use oil control film to let it absorb the oils on the surface of my skin.  Thankfully the Luview Aqua Essence bb cream doesn't add much oiliness to my face.  It doesn't have awesome oil control but at least it doesn't make it worse either and it's sheer. Something that I love for everyday use!

When it comes to my cheeks, Cha Cha Tint simply works! Just two small dots on each cheek and I spread them using my fingers. It's also ok on my lips if I want it pinkish with a hint of peach. For my eyes I normally just line the top lash line with my black eye liner pen. K-Palette 24 - hour eyeliner is the only one that really works for me. So far.  Oh and it dries quickly, something that I love about it! Unlike other liquid eyeliners that take forever to dry, I just close my eyes for a bit and it's dry.  The Nichido Girls Night Out in white is something that I use for my waterline and lower lash line.

My lips are dry but at least they don't crack anymore. It's because I learned to use lip balm (or lip cream) before going to bed at night.  When I feel a bit lazy I just use Human Nature's lip balm in Island Kiss because it has this nice orangey tint to it.  Kinda like applying lip tint and lip gloss at the same time. It's in a stick form too so it's very convenient.  As for days when I feel like wearing lipstick, I usually end up getting the Laneige Snow Crystal Moisture in tea beige.  It's even more natural looking on my lips compared to The Face Shop's Black Label in #7. :)  I don't even use lip balm before applying the Laneige lippie sometimes and it's ok. My lips don't dry up! XD

Some of you might say that I should work with my eyes! Especially the eyebrows.  Because I am rather lazy at making sure that my eyebrows look the same, I skip it. And eyeshadow? Gosh. I am so new to this. But I do use additional eye makeup products when I have the time.  They are as follows:

  • A - Luview Gleam Full Mascara
  • B - Etude House Drawing Eyebrow #1
  • C - Tony Moly Crystal Eye Decoration #8 (I think)

I've been using the Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara but I find the Luview one prettier on my lashes.  And as far as eyebrows go, using pencil is easy.  Maybe when I run out of this product I will get an eyebrow kit. ;)  Why did I pick Tony Moly's Crystal Eye Decoration? It's convenient and I like the shimmer-level.

There you go.  These things are not always in my kikay/beauty kit by the way.  I usually leave most of them at home because I don't see the need to retouch except for my lipstick or tinted lip balm.

What's your makeup like during weekdays? :)

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