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Quick Review: Tony Moly Eye Decoration #8

I bought some stuff from Tony Moly in SM North last month after I met up with the pretty Marilou of Princess Wannabe. :) Here is a photo of my purchases from Tony Moly:

Tony Moly Lemon Seed Massage Cream (PhP 198), Crystal Blusher #7 (PhP 298), Crystal Eye Decoration #8 (PhP 248)

A closer look at the Crystal Eye Decoration

I think that from this point on, reviews will have a general Yay, Ok or Nay comment. Each factor to be reviewed will have those words.

Form Factor: Yay!
It is one of the most convenient things, ever. If you're someone on the go and have not much time to do your face, or if you want to transform your no makeup look into something a little more funky, the Crystal Eye Decoration is convenient to bring along in your bag/purse.  You get an eyeliner and an eyeshadow in this stick form.  No need to bring brushes along too.  The applicator is built on one of the ends of this makeup product. ;)

This is the eye shadow end of the product.  Unscrewing the cap reveals the applicator. The cap contains the eyeshadow.  When you tip the cap over, the eye shadow doesn't fall out of it so don't worry. ;) It's fine even for makeup newbies! If you want more product, just screw the cap back on and then unscrew it.  The applicator end has a spring-like mechanism that unwinds the applicator when it's not capped but when it's capped, it kinda makes sure that it pushes the sponge tip against the eye shadow.  It's a little hard to explain.  But you could head to your nearest Tony Moly counter to check it. 

The eyeliner end doesn't need unscrewing. Just lift the cap off to use the automatic eyeliner. :)

The product is straightforward in terms of using it.  Just dab/swipe the eyeshadow applicator on your eyelids to give your eyes the nice shimmery powder eyeshadow.  I chose #08 because it wasn't white. It's supposed to be peach but it looks more like a really light yellow to me. It's fine by me because it's not a very difficult color to wear. It looks a little natural when you just swipe it a couple of times but the shimmery goodness is more obvious if you swipe a lot of this product.

The eyeliner is an eyeliner. Twist the eyeliner end to extend the length of the eyeliner's tip. Then use it on your lashlines.

Swatches: Ok. (Neither Yay, nor Nay)
Here is a picture of the product's swatches.

On the left is the eyeliner; on the right is the eye shadow. The eyeliner actually has little golden shimmers. It is not so obvious here, sorry.  It swatches darker on my hand compared to what it's like when you apply it on the upper lashline. I guess it's because I can't really apply much pressure on that part of my eye. I am scared.  But not to worry because you could just apply another layer of the product anyway, if you want really bold lines, that is.  I think that the eyeliner's texture is not too soft, that's why I am more careful when using it. 

As you can see, the eyeshadow I picked is just really light. I am still not used to very dramatic colors so I picked this. It's just right for me.

Pardon the bad lighting in my room but here's a picture to show what it looks like when you use both ends of the Crystal Eye Decoration stick.  The eyeshadow is makes the eyes shimmery and brighter and the eyeliner really does define my eyes well. :)

Lasting Effect: Ok
I went to a couple of events using this. When using an eye primer, the eye shadow lasts practically all afternoon and evening.  But without, you need to retouch, depending on how oily your lids are.  As for the eyeliner, it gets a little smudgy if you're the kind who would easily cry or when you yawn, tears fall down. But in general, I think it's fine.

Value for Money: Yay!
I think that it's worth buying. :) I wanted a different color but it wasn't available in SM North. I should look at other branches to see if they have other colors available.

Overall: It's a Yay! for the Tony Moly Crystal Eye Decoration in my book :)

I have simple needs and this is so convenient. When I go out, I could just bring a couple of things in my purse for retouching/touch ups! They are: this, Benefit's Porefessional, a lipstick and oil control film and everything is fine. Seriously!  I will just be careful in using this on my lower lashline though. But all things considered, it's a go for me even if I do have oily eyelids.  As long as I've prepped my face properly before applying makeup and I've got all my essentials done and my full face on, I just need those things for retouching.

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